Overtime Heroes

NHLRound Two of the PLAYOFFS THAT SEEM TO NEVER END is well underway (and might I add that I am proud that I was 5 for 8 in my playoff picks?) Several series kept us at the edge of our seats by going the distance to Game 7. And let’s not forget the games that spilled into overtime (yes, please take your regular season shootout and shove it, NHL!) Here’s a look at a few guys that seemed to be in the right place at the right time. Always remember: good things happen when you go to the net.

Tampa Bay Lightning

An oldie but a goodie. You know me: I like my athletes in nice sweaters. (Photo: CP)

Tampa Bay’s Vincent Lecavalier was goal-less in the postseason heading into Sunday night’s Game 2 against the Washington Capitals. Vinnie managed to find his touch, notching two goals including the OT winner at 6:19 to give the Lighting a 3-2 win and 2-0 lead in the Eastern semi. This despite Ovechkin’s heroics in the final minutes of regulation. Somebody make sure Raven gets some Bailey’s in her coffee to cheer her up this morning.


Vancouver's hero in the clutch, Alex Burrows (Photo: Jeff Vinnick/Toronto Star)

Guess who has more postseason points than Henrik Sedin and our boyfriend Ryan Kesler? That’s Alex Burrows, who essentially owned the scoresheet in that dramatic Game 7 win over Chicago last week (he was responsible for both goals, the OT one unassisted). Could Burrows be riding a hot streak? His shorthanded goal was the only one that got past Pekka Rinne in Saturday night’s OT loss to the Nashville Predators. I’m convinced he’s trying to impress a new little fan: that would be Victoria, his first child, born the night after Game 7. Like her dad, she seems to have perfect timing.

By the way, if you’re prone (like me) to missing an important sports moment by walking out of the room to refill your wine glass, you’re not alone.


Not sure how I'm feeling about the buzz cut, but I love his scoring touch!

The Ultimate Overtime Hero of the postseason has to be Nathan “You’ve always got time for Tim” Horton. What happens when you spend every April for six years on the golf course because you wear a Florida Panthers jersey? You find a way to become a demi-god in Boston, by scoring two overtime goals in the series against the Montreal Canadiens including the nail in the coffin of the Habs’ postseason in Game 7 last week. I predict you can expect more of the same from Horton as his line with Lucic and Krejci continues to gel. Game 2 in the Eastern Conference semi against the Philadelphia Flyers is tonight.

Now I bring you honorary Canadian Elvis Costello. I was completely jealous of my friends who attended Saturday night’s Preds-Canucks game because they got to hear him perform an all-too-short version of this with The Odds just before the puck dropped:

It’s Election Day, Canada! We at Ladies… urge you to get out and VOTE!

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