Mr. Mondays (yes, we have three!)

Red Sox

See? The Red Sox still remember how to smile. (AP Photo)

It’s the Monday of a four-day work week for me. Don’t those Mondays seem like the very longest of Mondays? Ugh. And for that reason, I wish I had this post up for you sooner. Forgive me. How about I make it up to you with not one, but three Mr. Mondays!

Let’s start with a belated Happy Patriots’ Day to the good residents of my geographical neighbours in Maine, and further on in Massachusetts. The Red Sox celebrated the day by beating up on the Toronto Blue Jays 9-1. It was like the War of 1812 except, um, not really. At all.

But hey, how about Jed Lowrie who had four hits including a two-run homer! I haven’t done the research, but at .516/.545/.774, is it safe to say that Jed is off to his Best Start Ever? It’s just a shame he’s Scutaro’s backup. The win is Boston’s third in a row, so maybe we’re finally seeing the team we were warned about all along.

See who else made our Monday after the jump.


Admit it. You missed him. (Photo: Getty Images)

Hey you guys, look who’s back! Grady Sizemore made his return from knee surgery count with a homer and a double yesterday as the Indians completed the sweep of the Orioles with a 4-2 victory over Baltimore. It was his first game since May 2010. Cleveland is as hot as Grady right now, 11-4 and topping the AL Central.


Russell Martin recently caught for UConn's Kemba Walker in a ceremonial first pitch. So it's like you're getting four Mr. Mondays (Getty Images)

Rounding out our three Mr. Mondays of the American League is my new favorite Yankee (and new Favorite Martin!) RUSSELL MARTIN! Since taking over full time catcher duties from Jorge Posada, the man has been red hot at the plate with four HRs and 11 RBI (keep in mind he only had 5 homers last year in his injury-shortened final season with the Dodgers) Russell can keep on doin’ that, even if it means I have to be subjected to John Sterling’s crappy French.

Now here’s some music to get you through the rest of your week, which I hope is also short for you. It’s funny that I picked this and suddenly realized that Emily’s dress looks a lot like the shirt worn by Jerry on last week’s Parks and Recreation. But there you go. Don’t hold it against her.

2 thoughts on “Mr. Mondays (yes, we have three!)

  1. God, that was a painful weekend. A pox on the Sox! However. I can share in the Russell Martin love, even if he is a hated Yankee. Hot Canadians FTW!

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