Hit and Run: You Suck, Albert

Guess who was SO excited to snag Albert Pujols on her fantasy team (in large part because one of the “people” drafting in front of her was Lady Bee’s dog, Daisy, but that’s another story) only to see him have one of his worst season starts ever?

Albert himself doesn’t seem worried and he has historically broken out of his slumps in spectacular fashion, so I’m sure it’s just a matter of being patient.  However, given my excellent record of jinxing things I write about on this blog let’s just try this:

Albert Pujols is so bad right now, you guys.  I think maybe he’s finally over the hill.  Or maybe the pressure of his contract year is getting to him.  Whatever the case, I don’t see him breaking out of this slump any time soon.

Moving on to things which don’t directly affect any of my teams (which usually nullifies any jinxes or reverse jinxes)….

Arizona sophomore Derrick Williams declared for the NBA draft with an agent yesterday. He’s currently projected to be the No. 1 pick, so it’s hard to blame him — though one hopes he’s prepared for the good possibility of spending winters in Toronto, Minnesota, or Cleveland.  Bonus: as a sure lottery pick, there will soon be lots of pictures of young Mr. Williams in a nice suit. I suspect those may find their way to this blog.

In other bittersweet farewells, Carlos Delgado retired from baseball Wednesday.  Though he made his name as a Blue Jay, his Mets heyday happened to coincide with my arrival in New York, where his smiling face became a regular part of my Sunday Mets-on-PIX viewing.  You’ll be missed, Carlos.

Some of you may have heard that Ai Weiwei, the architect of the iconic “Bird’s Nest” stadium for the Beijing Olympics, has been detained by the Chinese government for his dissident political views.  Among the many human rights groups protesting his arrest is a surprising group of people —  blackjack players.  Apparently, during his residence in New York, Ai was quite the skilled blackjack player and befriended a number of Atlantic City casino regulars.  No progress has yet been made in securing Ai’s release; casino insiders are apparently hoping to arrange blackjack and poker tournaments to fund the effort to lobby the US government to impose sanctions against China. Sometimes the world really isn’t that big.

What has your attention today?  You are welcome to jinx or reverse jinx anyone you like in the comments.

1 thought on “Hit and Run: You Suck, Albert

  1. HAHAHAHA! My dog is in our fantasy league. This is what happens when I’m the commish. That would be a good story for another day, especially the part where I lost Josh Hamilton to a freak injury.

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