Friday Fellow: John Daly

We haven’t done a Friday Fellow in quite some time, so I thought I’d post someone really awesome today: John Daly.

Yes, really. I know baseball season just started, and college basketball is wrapping up, but it just seems right to feature him today.

What’s not to like?  He lives his life in the fast lane, and is not afraid to compete in outfits most people wouldn’t dare wear out in public. I find that sort of sartorial bravery incredibly attractive.  So let’s explore the many hot angles of John Daly …

… U.S. Skeleton team member. Who did you think I meant?

Hello, thighs.

After quite a bit of success on the European Cup circuit and making the US Vancouver Olympics team in skeleton  last year and finishing 17th, John has spent this past winter in his first ever full season on the World Cup circuit.  His best finish so far this year is 5th; you can watch video of his fastest run this year here.  If you’ve forgotten most of the Vancouver Olympics, skeleton is like luge except you go down the track head first.  It makes me nervous just watching.

Along with his charming smile, John spent much of the early part of this season with a pink mohawk, as part of a bet with his coach after he made the Olympic team.  Sadly, all my google skills were unable to unearth a picture of this — people need to take more pictures at skeleton events!  And not just because the athletes are all wearing Lycra bodysuits!


Um. This is a ... compelling angle.

John recently took the silver medal at the 2011 US Nationals; the gold medalist won by breaking John’s own track record.  Here’s hoping he continues to improve right up through the Sochi, Russia games in 2014.

If you have suddenly discovered you can’t get enough John Daly (bet you didn’t think you’d say that when you got up this morning!), there’s another nice profile shot here. (I can’t get it to download or link properly.) And if you are confused as to why there is a golfer at the top of this post… you might want to check a calendar.

2 thoughts on “Friday Fellow: John Daly

  1. LOVE THIS! Well played. And yes, he is handsome. But can he rock a pitcher of draft down the streets of Vancouver as well as Jon Montgomery?

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