Your wait is over.

The rotation that will haunt our dreams. (AP Photo)

High socks. Eye black. Dusty mounds. Cliff Lee. Baseball is back for reals, and we at Ladies… couldn’t be happier. Many of us have spent the last few days figuring out how to weasel out of whatever we’re going to be up to at the time our respective favorite teams are playing. Me? TWO HOUR MEETING when Mike Mussina throws the ceremonial first pitch at Yankee Stadium. How am I supposed to sneak my phone in to listen to the game? ARGH! (although Games Mistress told me there was lots of rain expected in New York Thursday, so I may get my wish after all.)

It’s Opening Day for these Ladies… faves. Let’s see what they’re up to today:

Braves at Washington Atlanta is healthy, had a good spring training (17-and-13) and would you believe there are people out there that think they’ll take the NL East? You know, besides Braves fans. Look for Jason Heyward to improve on his rookie year (18 HRs and 72 RBI). The Nationals, meanwhile, are sporting an expensive new look in the form of Jayson Werth. Um, good luck with that, Washington. Your pitching matchup today is Derek Lowe against Livan “likes his monaaaayyy” Hernandez.

Brewers at Cincinnati Sadly, it will be a while before Greinke Day arrives in Milwaukee. But when it does…WOW! I think the Brewers will surprise everyone. They also picked up former Jays pitcher Shaun Marcum and Prince Fielder will probably have a smoking season (it’s an option year for him, right?) Of course the Reds are favorites to again take the Central. Yovani Gallardo gets the start against the Reds’ Volquez.

Angels at Kansas City Minda’s Royals must move on without the aforementioned Greinke. Sadness. And one can only hope that Minda won’t have to scold free agent acquisition Jeff Francoeur as sternly as Buff did in 2009 when he played with the Mets. That will never happen in KC, right, Jeff? The Angels, in the meantime, make me giggle. Say what you want about the Yankees and payroll, but have you seen what the Angels’ outfield is worth right now? Vernon Wells?! Oy vey. Jered Weaver will square off against HOCH.

Padres at St. Louis Former Padre Adrian Gonzalez is one of the key figures driving almost everyone’s prediction that Boston will win the World Series this year. So, um, who’s left in San Diego? OK, let’s be honest. We don’t care: this is really about the Cards and how the Albert Pujols drama is going to drive us all to tears this year. And that Adam Wainwright will be sorely missed. Chris Carpenter gets the Opening Day start against Tim Stauffer.

Giants at Los Angeles Tim Lincecum and the World Series champs roll into Dodgers Stadium to take on another young pitcher in Clayton Kershaw. I’m happy because I can listen to Vin Scully without being stuck in a work meeting. YAY!

Tigers at New York I don’t think Detroit is going to be rocking anyone’s world this season. Apparently Miguel Cabrera had a great camp, but can he keep his off-field issues at bay? Naturally, my focus is on my Yankees. Everyone seems eager to stick the “underdog” label on them, or at least demand that they label themselves as such. I don’t think we’ll be talking underdog come July. Maybe first place? The AL East going to be a fun division to watch this season. I know – biased! But I’m right this time! If the game does happen, it will be Captain Crunch-free Sabathia against Justin Verlander.

So tell us what Opening Day tilt you’re excited about? And will you be calling in sick so you can get away with watching it?

UPDATE: I didn’t have to fake sick today, as I had to tend to the illnesses of the Littlest Bee and Mr. Bee. (I swear, the Ides of March = the plague at our house. Colds, stomach flu, UTIs – we had it all this month!) And we were able to watch Tigers-Yanks after all. Now considering writing a love letter to Curtis Granderson.

4 thoughts on “Your wait is over.

  1. Rangers/Red Sox tomorrow. Boss and numerous co-workers are at a convention in Vegas, therefore me and my laptop will plop ourselves in front of the the new ginormo flatscreen in the office conference room.

  2. Can’t wait to see my Jays! It’s going to be a fun year, no matter where we end in the standings. All that young talent!

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