Tweets from ‘letes

I’ll admit that I’m not very big in to Twitter – I’m not sure why, but it either feels like homework, or I end up feeling like I’m a little too self absorbed to really believe that my 61 followers truly care how I felt about that pizza sliceor what the weather is like in Manhattan from the window near my cubicle.  After being reminded a few dozen times that today was apparently the 5th birthday of the little blue bird who started it all, I decided to pay closer attention to what’s out there and who’s tweeting.  Newsflash, did you know that nearly everyone tweets? Jeez! Even if I did follow it, how do you sift through the crap  and find some damn information?

I did, however, find a few nuggets of gold in this river of 140-character-or-less overflow, and do you know where I found them coming from? Athletes! Not only are athletes on Twitter, but they’re often freaking hilarious! This gave me an idea for something new that I’d like to try, and I definitely need reader feedback. Introducing the first ever edition of the Ladies…Tweets from ‘letes!

Hard to decide where to begin, really. Do I start with our favorite hot athletes? Will they have something steamy to say? Or do I start with the often rambling and rollicking college athletes – they seem like they could be pretty funny, or at least filled with pearls of wisdom.  Perhaps I should include some icons, but it’s likely a safe assumption that you’re all following them already.  That’s what feedback is for, my friends – let me know in the comments if you happened to notice any hilarious or noteworthy tweets from any of your favorite athletes from the last week and I’ll add them to my list to keep an eye on.  Let’s get this rolling, shall we?

I think it’s best to examine what types of tweets we’re dealing with first.  We’ll start with the question tweet, which you know will result in thousands of replies @whomever, most of which are not even bothering to pretend to answer the question. Bet you wish you didn’t ask your 80k followers something stupid about your bracket! This weekend, I noticed Roddy White ask something rather surprising:

@roddywhiteTV: I want to see just go with it with adam sandler and jennifer anniston has anyone seen it is it a good movie

I’m not sure whether to be surprised or frightened. Heard it’s bad, though. Not that I saw it or anything. Nope. Not me.)


Next, we have the useless and irrelevant update – thanks, Brady Quinn:

@BQ9: Beef ribs…I got beef ribs on my mind..mmmm

(Beef ribs. Sure…
Not getting at anything, just really wanted a reason to include this amazing photo that I just found)


Next up, the jab tweet/boo yah/oh no he diint!, coming from my old hero, Thurman Thomas:

@thurmanthomas: Anyone want to bet next yr about how many teams will be taken from the Big Least, i mean East

(You know he’s right.)


Next, we have the questionably insightful but really doesn’t make any sense, brought to you by the Bills’ own, Donte Whitner:

@DonteWhitner: A chicken makes 1 egg Per day…how can we benefit. From this info?

(A young safety makes a seemingly deep comment…what can we learn. From his toking?)


And finally, we have the hilarious, provided this week and likely for many weeks to come by Shaq:

@THE_REAL_SHAQ: u complete me twitter, lol

(I guess this is his way of wishing Twitter a happy birthday? Whatever, the video alone is more than enough reason to check this)


So there you have it – a sampling of what Tweets from ‘letes has to offer on any given week.  If anything, I have learned that retired football players (looking at you, Thurman) apparently have a LOT of time to tweet, baseball players are mostly dormant in Twitterland during spring training, and Stevie Johnson Uses A Lot of Capitalization Where It Isn’t At All Necessary.  Hit me up with comments and let me know what you think of the new feature – hope you’re just as amused as I am.

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