Craft Like A Champion: The 9th Inning

Our inaugural Craft Like a Champion Challenge is just days away from concluding, and we’re still just a handful of caps away from our 32 cap goal.  But there’s one good weekend left (Save the Children asks that the caps be in the mail by this coming Monday), and you’d be amazed what one good day of knitting can do.

Last Saturday, I delved into Downton Abbey on Netflix.  Five episodes in, I had these:

I suppose the red yarn could stand for the St. Louis Cardinals (or the Arizona Cardinals), but in person it’s just dark enough to be a perfect Oklahoma Sooners crimson.  As for the cap on the left, I only had a little bit of gray yarn left so I added the red stripe — I guess that makes this a Tampa Bay Buccaneers hat.

The star of our challenge has undoubtedly been reader Barbara G., whose collection of green and gold Packers hats numbered an amazing 21.  Of course this is nothing compared to the efforts of the students at her school in Friendswood, Texas, who sent over 400. I guess we won’t be taking them on in any Crafting Challenge duels any time soon.

The current Ladies… total stands at 26, only a half dozen from our goal.  If you’re a 9th inning finisher, don’t forget to email us or add your photo to our Facebook page!

2 thoughts on “Craft Like A Champion: The 9th Inning

  1. WOW! That is amazing! Way to go, Barbara and students!

    GM, yours are so cute! Love the red!

    Mine went in the mail last week so hopefully they’ve arrived OK.

  2. YAY – the crimson hats are beautiful!!! Our community sent 413 Caps for Good to Save the Children in yesterday’s mail. Oh, so much fun to knit. Now we’re starting our squares for patchwork blankets. Thanks for the Challenge; it was great fun!

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