Hello Carmelo!

Not exactly new news, but with the NBA trade mill in high gear before Thursday afternoon’s impending deadline, I had to show some support for the hometown team.  The Knicks finally got Anthony; Anthony finally got the Knicks.  But it didn’t come without one of the more complicated trade deals that I think I’ve seen.  I reckon this trade might actually get me in to basketball – more on the gains and losses after the break…

Thank the basketball gods – the Melo-drama is finally over!  All puns aside, I’d be lying if I said that I was in a Melo-w mood for those poor New York Knicks, and now hopefully between Stoudemire and Anthony, they can finally return to some of the better times of the 70s and 90s.  Of course this joy couldn’t come for free, or for a simple large lump sum of cash.  Let’s take a closer look at what the Knickerbockers now look like, and who they had to say goodbye to…


It is with a heavy heart that I bid farewell to small forward Danilo Gallinari – Ladies… Knicks followers will miss you, Rooster.

Also going to the Nuggets is point guard Raymond Felton.  Sigh.

2007 draft pick and forward Wilson Chandler will also be moving to Denver.  Can Anthony even pull off a pinstripe suit?

Finally, center Timofey Mozgov, who seemingly sealed the deal for the Nugs, will also be leaving New York.  These four fine gentlemen, joined by a first round draft pick in 2014, a second round draft pick in both 2012 and 2013, and $3 million are all on their merry way to Denver.

Not to worry, dear Knicks fans – along with Anthony, it looks like the Knicks could be on their way to having a fine competitive team…

Denver native point guard Chauncey Billups will now be donning Knicks number 4.

Yeah, he’s a little older, but point guard Anthony Carter still has some game left.

Center Shelden Williams will also be in orange and blue this evening.  Don’t piss him off though…The Landlord will MESS YOU UP!

And finally, small/power forward Renaldo Balkman will be joining…hey wait a tic, didn’t the Knicks just get rid of him? Eh, no matter – let’s see what happens now…

The Knicks also picked up Corey Brewer from the Timberwolves in exchange for Eddy Curry, Anthony Randolph, and another $3 mil.  Again, I’m obviously not the biggest NBA fan in the Ladies… bunch, but I have to say that I’ll be keeping an eye on them for the remainder of the season.  We’ll see how they fare against the Milwaukee Bucks this evening…

How about the real Knicks fans out there?  Any thoughts going in to tonight for the new crew in orange and blue?

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Formerly of Buffalo and Rochester and now of NYC, I am an extremely loyal Buffalo Bills and Sabres fan since birth. I *used* to support the Yankees, but Mr. Buffalita has since showed me the err of my ways and has converted me (almost fully) to a Mets fan. Come on, you think I would have had Mr. Met at our wedding otherwise? Feel free to drop me a line at buffalitanyc@gmail.com for story requests, tips, or photos you'd like to share!

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