Craft Like A Champion Week 4: A Numerical Trivia Challenge

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Something strange happened when I started pulling together this week’s Craft Like A Champion post.  I was looking for athletes who could be a visual representation of the number of hats we’ve so far completed.  Now, there are some very famous retired athletes associated with this number, but I wanted pictures of current athletes with their current teams.  I did find some good candidates, but I also found not one, not two, but four fairly high profile athletes who used to wear this number but, because they’ve switched teams this off-season, now have new numbers.

I was going to just tell you who they were, but then I thought, why not do a reverse of our old Theme Thursdays game: I’ll tell you the theme, and you tell me the athletes.

For your first hint, here’s the number I was looking for as modeled by a few football players:

Shonn Greene
Willis McGahee
David Beckham. See what I did there?

I bet you have an idea of at least one number 23 that has changed in the most recent off season.  But the other three might be a little harder.  So I’ve put two clues below in white text.  To read the clues, simply highlight the text with your mouse.  (I have no idea if this will work in RSS, so if you’re reading this in an RSS reader, maybe just try not to scroll down.)


Clue Number 1: The new jersey numbers are 6, 13, 28, and 22.

Clue Number 2: Three are baseball players, one plays basketball.

Give us your answers in the comments!  And as you may notice, we’re only a tiny bit short of our goal of 32, with a three day weekend ahead for many of us.  There’s still time to knit one hat and email us the results!

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