Friday Fellow: Dwayne Roloson

Tampa Bay LightningMy affection for the older guys has been well documented here at Ladies… What can I say? Take young forward Jeff Skinner of the Carolina Hurricanes, for example. Cute, yes, but far too young for me to buy him a drink. He’s not even legal in my province, anyway.

However, I’d hire Skinner to babysit my kids so that I could hit the town in my patent leather peep toe pumps with Tampa Bay’s recently acquired goaltender, Dwayne Roloson.

Edmonton Oilers

Let's just take a moment and appreciate how cool this shot is (Photo: AP/Canadian Press/Jimmy Jeong)

Why the love for Roly? For starters, I don’t feel dirty featuring him because he’s 41. He’s been in the league since 1996, splitting time between the Flames, Sabres, Oilers, Minnesota and the Islanders. In fact, I remember seeing him early in his career in Saint John when he played for Calgary’s former AHL farm team. Ah, the Saint John Flames…cheap Labatt draft and fun times, no?

But the real reason is that since he’s come over to the Tampa Bay Lightning, he’s turned a few heads, going 8 and 5 with four shutouts. I was so taken with Roly I actually dropped Ryan Miller in my fantasy league and picked him up (and then Tuesday Roloson was shellacked 7-4 by Buffalo, but we won’t discuss that)

I’m not terribly worried about the last two games. Roloson appears to be the goaltender moving forward as the Tampa Bay Lightning cement their playoff position (1st in the Southeast with 71 points heading into Saturday’s game against Carolina) And isn’t it nice to see a veteran journeyman get another chance at the postseason? You may recall he was in nets for the Oilers’ Stanley Cup run in 2006 against the Canes. 41 years old…and would you believe he’s already talking about playing next year?

New York Islanders

Well, he has lovely eyes.

New York Islanders

Here, those lovely eyes look sad and tired, because he had to play for the Islanders.

Team Canada

And here...I kind of feel like he's channeling pioneering Muchmusic VJ Christopher Ward.

Um….yeaaaahhh. Roly’s looks fall short of the usual hockey hottie criteria here at the blog. But I’m sure if you put him in a nice suit and fixed his hair…no?

You know what, how about a picture of the GM who brought him over? Stevie Y.


Oh, you are most welcome!

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