NOT The Sweetest Hangover

Unlike my girl Diana, this is not the sweetest hangover – this is the WORST kind of hangover!

It’s not brought on by copious amounts of Yuengling and Makers Mark.

It’s not accompanied by the Stride of Pride.

It’s not cured by greasy food.

It’s not something that gets worse with age.

It’s a hangover that only comes with the harsh realization… football is OVER until Fall.
Is it too early to begin the countdown till the Spring game?

Is it too early to begin the countdown till the Combine?

Is it too early to start floating names for next year’s Fantasy Team?

The answer to all these questions is quite obvious… NO!

Don’t get me wrong – Pitchers and catchers report on February 14, a lovely Valentine’s Day present; but, it’s till April till I can see some sweet baseball action.

Hockey is on.  Great – I’m not Canadian.*

Basketball trudges along.  Still a big f&$% you to Lebron.

March Madness is around the corner.  Must save extra money for Brackets.

But all these pale in comparison to football season.

So what’s the cure?

I don’t know if I’m “all in” on the idea of a longer season.

Perhaps a shorter year, so that the months in between are less?  We might need to float a Bill to Congress.

So  ladies, how do you handle the downtime between seasons, without going crazy?!

Because I’m not sure I’m ready for this part!

*For the record – I love Canadians!

4 thoughts on “NOT The Sweetest Hangover

  1. Hockey is my usual salve, but w/Malkin gone for the year and Crosby still not back I think I’m going to have to find a new way to cope this year.

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