Craft Like a Champion Week 3: We’re Listening

Not sure what this is all about?  Click here, or follow the Craft Like a Champion link in the sidebar.

We’re almost to the end of our Super Bowl dead period, but plenty of you are still snowbound, and maybe you’ve exhausted your DVRs and Netflix queues by now.  I find that I knit even faster when I’m just listening to something instead of watching TV, so why not try a podcast.  With help from Minda and Bee, I’ve pulled together a short list of sports podcast for the erstwhile Champion Crafter.


Squared Up (a fledgling effort by Sarah Bunting of Tomato Nation)


Puck Podcast

General Sports

Jonah Keri

Apologies for the incompleteness of this list; I think my computer knows it’s about to be replaced and is staging a work slowdown in protest. Feel free to add your own favs in the comments.   And as always, don’t forget to email us a photo of your finished hat, or upload it to our Facebook page.

Speaking of photos, Barbara has not stopped knitting for the green and gold just yet:

Watch out, Steeler fans, she’s building up an awful lot of good karma for the Packers.

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