Craft Like a Champion Week 2: The Green and Gold Lays Down the Gauntlet

Now that we have entered the pre-Super Bowl waiting period in earnest — and if you live in a city that has just had 19 inches of snow dumped on it overnight — you may have a little time on your hands.  Wouldn’t you like to use some of that time knitting a hat for a newborn in a developing country?  You don’t even have to stop watching TV to knit — I often use working on a knitted gift as an excuse to spend the whole day watching random British sitcoms on my Netflix instant account.

Missed last week’s kickoff?  Click here, or follow the link in the sidebar.

Of course, some of our lovely readers are not the procrastinating type.  Some of you have already finished not just one hat …
…but three.

These are two of Barbara G’s three Packers themed hats.  Barbara has been participating in the Caps for Good program since its inception as Knit One, Save One three years ago.  Check out this lovely video she made for the initial campaign, showing the participation of one elementary school.

Barbara claims that her initial hat, knit during the NFC Championship game, brought the Packers good luck.  I wish I could say the same for my sad little Jets hat over here. Maybe I should have tried knitting it during the actual game, although considering the way the first half went maybe it was better I wasn’t near any pointy implements.

If you have not yet started your hat, there is still plenty of time.  If you’ve never knitted before, here’s a list of places where you can purchase the yarn and needles you will need:

Stores (Maybe) In Your Area

Hobby Lobby (in certain southern US states)

Your local independent yarn store will probably be more expensive, but the staff there will be able to provide better assistance in choosing supplies and getting started. Need to find a yarn store? Check the Knitmap!

Online Retailers

Lion Brand

Don’t forget to email us the photos of your finished hats or upload them to our Facebook page.

Only 27 hats to meet our goal! And for our Steelers fan readers out there: you aren’t going to let Barbara swamp our photo album with Packers hats, are you? Stick up for your team! That goes double for you, Vikings fans!

2 thoughts on “Craft Like a Champion Week 2: The Green and Gold Lays Down the Gauntlet

  1. I wish I could do pompoms effectively. Mine always wind up looking like limp spiders. Or I overtrim them and they are just tiny nubs.

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