The Ladies… Craft Like A Champion Challenge

We are fast approaching one of the notorious Dead Zones of the sports calendar: the two week period leading up to the Super Bowl.  The NHL and NBA are not yet at mid-season, college basketball is still a week or two away from beginning its crescendo to the tourney, and Spring Training is almost a month away.  For a vast majority of us, it’s even too cold to go outside. What’s a sports loving gal to do with all that time on her hands?

How about making a hat for a needy newborn as part of the Ladies… Craft Like A Champion Challenge?

The Craft: Knit (or crochet) hats for low birth-weight newborns around the world.

The Charity: Warm Up America and Save the Children’s Caps for Good Campaign

The Challenge: While we’re waiting on the Super Bowl (and coming down from the post Bowl high), let’s see if the Ladies and our readers can finish as many caps as there are NFL teams (that would be 32).

Here’s how to participate:

Step 1. Download the  Caps for Good Kit, which has basic patterns, instructions on mailing your hat, and lots of good information on why these hats are needed in so many places around the world.

Step 2. Pick your favorite team’s colors and knit your hat.

Step 3. Take a photo of your hat and upload it into our Facebook album!  Be sure to tell us what team’s colors your hat represents (it doesn’t have to be an NFL team). Not on Facebook? Email us your photo. Our favorites will be featured on the blog.

Step 4. Mail your hat to Caps for Good’s collection site by Feb. 28.

Never knitted before?  You can find lots of instructions and beginner level patterns on Warm Up America’s website. Hats are fairly simple and quick to knit; an (adult sized) hat was actually the first pattern I knit successfully, so don’t be scared to give it a try.

Lady Bee’s already finished hers: anyone want to guess which navy-pinstriped team her hat is representing?

So go ahead, represent for your favorite team, amuse yourself during these long winter nights, and give a newborn child a better chance at survival.  I’ll be over here deciding whether to knit with Jets green or Sooner crimson.

4 thoughts on “The Ladies… Craft Like A Champion Challenge

  1. Note my awesome dog snoozing in the lower left corner!

    These caps knit up beautifully on double pointed needles, if you’re like me and dread sewing up a seam. I should have a second one finished tonight!

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  3. I read the above. It is an interesting idea and I think I approve. However, I do not have the attention span to actually knit anything to completion. I usually start with the best of intentions and then I get bored and end up making some kind of silly [artistic statement] out of whatever it is I have produced up until the point of can’t be bothered following the rules-ness. This usually involves glue, paint and usually paper.

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