Hump Day Hotties: NFL Divisional Playoffs

To get you ready for the NFL Divisional Playoffs this weekend, I thought I would feature a hottie from each team playing this weekend.  To see if your favorite hottie made the cut, take a trip with me after the jump.  I hope I don’t disappoint!

Up first on Saturday at 4:30pm EST is the Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers on CBS.  You all know where my allegiances lie, but I had to be fair when picking my hotties.  You also can figure out who I’m picking to win this match-up, but I rather not type it out because I don’t want to jinx the team. :)


Todd Heap, TE



Troy Polamalu, SS

The late game on Saturday is the Green Bay Packers against the Atlanta Falcons at 8pm EST on Fox.  Now some of you might not know this, but I’m a Packers fan.  They were my first football loves, so I’m definitely picking them for the upset. Plus, Matt Ryan’s teeth freak me out.


Aaron Rodgers, QB


Brian Finneran, TE

The Sunday games kick-off at 1pm EST with a showdown between the Seattle Seahawks and the Chicago Bears on Fox.  There’s no way Pete Carroll’s Seahawks can pull off another upset, so I’m going with da Bears.


John Carlson, TE


Hunter Hillenmeyer, LB

And the showdown of all showdowns gets underway at 4:30pm EST on CBS when the New York Jets make a return trip to Foxborough to take on the New England Patriots.  Even though I don’t want to, I’m rooting for the Jets because the only time I’m a Patriots fan is when a) money is on the line or b) they’re playing the Steelers.  I think the Pats will probably win, so does it really matter who I root for?


Josh Mauga, LB


Danny Woodhead, RB

(FYI – Don’t be fooled by the one picture I’m about to post – He used to be Jets property)

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