Four things we loved about Wild Card Weekend


Judging from the seating, 14 is the loneliest number. (Photo: Getty Images)

For a few of us, like Ladies… Fantasy Football League winner Games Mistress CuteSports*, it was a fun weekend of NFL Playoff goodness. The other girls are just waiting until Opening Day.

*this is what happens when you file a post way past your bedtime

1) Seismic Activity from Seattle’s 12th Men


(Photo: Pacific Northwest Seismic Network)

Never mind that the Seahawks managed to do the seemingly improbable by toppling the defending Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints 41-36. People, Marshawn Lynch made the earth move! And now you’ll have Carole King in your head all day. You’re most welcome.

2) The Kansas City Chiefs


"This one's for you, Minda!" (Photo: Getty Images)

It didn’t end well for them, but it was nice to see the Kansas City Chiefs back in the playoffs for a change. This weekend, Raven’s Ravens move on to face Ben Rottentosser and the Steelers.

3) A 4th quarter final minute interception that didn’t come from Brett Favre

Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers welcomes the Falcons with open arms (Photo: Getty Images)

They may not be Super Bowl favorites at this point, but the Packers are hot, beating the Eagles at home in Philly 21-16. Vick came thisclose to hero worship, until the Pack’s Tramon Williams grabbed the ball in the end zone with just over 30 seconds left in the game. Do not weep for Maggiesox. Remember, she now has Cliff Lee.

4) Jets win, thanks to a foot! (*groan*)


Sad Peyton is sad. (AP Photo)

Ask my friend Karen: this game had me hiding under her chenille throw mourning the Jets’ lost season. And then Braylon Edwards made that fantastic catch, Nick Folk kicked that 32-yarder and I finally got to see Manningface in HD. And it was good. Jets win 17-16 and move on to face Brady and the Pats. Rex Ryan is, of course, keeping a low profile.


Football has a unique ability to provide a fun, comforting distraction from the real world, particularly when it seems to be spinning out of control. But it was hard to keep this weekend’s tragedy far from our minds. We at Ladies… wish to extend our thoughts and prayers to the families who lost loved ones in Saturday’s shooting in Tucson, and to those who are still fighting for their lives.

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