Hit and Run: First of 2011 Edition

Coney Island Polar Bear Swim 2011

Girls, we should really consider an "I Was There" post from the Coney Island Polar Bear Swim next year. I'm just sayin'. (Reuters)

Happy New Year, readers! We hope you had a fabulous holiday that wasn’t marred by travel hiccups, barfing flu or Christmas morning plumbing problems (that last one happened to me. True story.) We’re back at it after a much-needed break. If you laid low this past weekend after a raucous New Year’s Eve, let’s fill you in on what you may have missed.

Green Bay Packers

Celebratory high fives all around from Donald Driver (Reuters)

The NFL Playoff picture is now set. The Green Bay Packers snagged an NFC Wild Card berth by getting by the Chicago Bears 10-3 and now have a date with the Eagles on Sunday. The Bears get the bye along with top seeded Atlanta, while in the AFC the Steelers and probable Super Bowl Champion Patriots get to kick up their feet this weekend.


Matt Hasselbeck sat out Sunday night's game against the Rams. He makes that watch cap look good. 7-and-9 good. (Getty Images)

Of course, the story of Sunday night was Seattle’s 16-6 win over the St. Louis Rams, earning them the NFC West title. Yes, you read that correctly: the 7-and-9 Seattle Seahawks. There’s no way I can make that sound pretty.

Oh, and this douchewaffle is done. Third time’s a charm, right, Brett?

Winter Classic 2011

Old school pants and new school moves: Ovi and Fleury at the 2011 Winter Classic in Pittsburgh (Getty)

Things looked a little dicey with Pittsburgh looking more like Vancouver last January weather-wise, but the NHL 2011 Winter Classic happened anyway outdoors in Heinz Field. Much to Raven’s delight, the Washington Capitals beat the Pittsburgh Penguins 3-1 Saturday night. We caught bits and pieces of it on CBC in between breaks during the Toronto-at-Ottawa game (including 30 seconds of NBC’s coverage, which was quite enough for us, and including a Crosby slash that was never called) and despite the drizzle it looked like a hell of a good time.

Wisconsin Badgers

I know, I know, the day belonged to the Horned Frogs. But let's show some love for Wisconsin's Scott Tolzien, because CuteSports would want it that way. (Getty)

I didn’t catch the Rose Bowl, though I know of a certain Badgers fan who did. And for her sake I was disappointed to learn that TCU edged Wisconsin 21-19. TCU QB Andy Dalton passed for 219 yards and a touchdown on the day.

I didn’t get any sports-related goodies for Christmas, but Mr. Bee always manages to slip some musical goodness under the tree. This year, it was Bruce Springsteen’s “The Promise”. There is no hotter Bruce than late 70s Bruce (although let’s face it, he puts the sex in sexagenarian). Here’s a tune that – guaranteed – will get you out of those post-holiday back-to-work blues.



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