Advent Calendar of Hotness – Day 21

Please allow me a moment of celebration for my favorite Jet this season, Mr. Brad Smith.

As an alum of a Big 12 school, I was actually pretty excited when the Jets drafted him.  He drove me crazy at Missouri but I knew just how talented an athlete he was.  It took a few seasons, but it seems the Jets have finally figured out the best place to use him: everywhere.  I think at this point we’re a Dwight Lowery injury away from giving him a tryout at safety.

He does seem to lose his shoes a lot, though.

Anyway, since his kickoff return to start the Steelers game seemed to finally give the Jets the jump-start they’ve been missing for a few weeks, I thought he deserved a little ACoH love.

I’m about to head off on my holiday travels so this may be my last post before Christmas.  So as a bonus, please head on over to Pigskinlovinglady, the source of the first picture in this post, for more photos of Jets in swanky (Saks Fifth Avenue, no less) attire.  Have a lovely holiday!

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