Advent Calendar of Hotness – Day 11 (Plus Bonus Makeup Guy!)

So we (ok me, mostly) got a little confused with our ACoH numbers this week and once we had it all sorted out we realized we’d missed a couple of days.  So in an attempt to give you, our beloved readers, the full 25 hot guys you deserve in your advent calendar, today’s ACoH is actually a pair: Aaron Rodgers and Greg Jennings of the Green Bay Packers.

In my non-Ladies fantasy league, these two guys have resurrected my team almost by themselves, pulling me from last place (with one win) into a tie for first in my division.  But fantasy gratitude aside, what I love about these two is that they both seem to have a certain goofiness that makes them fun to follow off the field. For example, here’s Aaron all dressed up for a Western-themed charity auction, for which he grew (oddly attractive) facial hair:

And here’s Greg in a cameo on Criminal Minds last May:

They also do a lot of work in their communities.  You saw Aaron in the charity auction above, here’s Greg in a poster for his foundation’s annual fundraiser, which benefits Habitat for Humanity:

So what do you think guys?  Have I buttered you up enough that you will help me clinch a playoff spot tomorrow?

Uhhhh, I’ll take that as a maybe.

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