Advent Calendar of Hotness- Day 9

Note: This really was supposed to be yesterday’s post (which is actually day 9, not day 7, but GM is having calendar amnesia this week).

In a first for the ACoH, today’s designee never actually played professional sports, but I know I’m not the only Lady who enjoys spotting him on the sidelines…

OK, Mike Tomlin does bear a striking resemblance to actor Omar Epps (Foreman on House), but it’s his football acumen more than his Hollywood good looks that make it so hard for me to root against the Steelers (even with you-know-who on his team).

The Steelers have a habit of hanging on to their coaches for quite a while (Tomlin is only the 16th head coach in their history), and Tomlin has had enough success in his first three and a half seasons that I doubt he’ll be looking for work any time soon.  Still, seeing him in Jets sideline gear is kind of a pipe dream of mine. (Not right now, Rex, just … someday.)

And seriously, name me another coach who looks cooler in sunglasses than this guy. Can’t do it, can you?

Happy Thursday!

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