Advent Calendar of Hotness – Day 2

Y’all, I think Kevin Durant’s game is not the only thing that matured over the summer. 

Normally, I’m not a big fan of the “I’m going to grow facial hair so I look older” school of thought, but Kevin’s is totally working on me here.  Seriously, you have to be special to make me overcome my aversions to facial hair and Texas Longhorns.

And look who is doing the smoldering in the next photo, even up against a guy who has been featured on this site more than once:

Unfortunately, Kevin’s been dealing with injuries  much of the early going this season. Unlike previous years, however, his teammates have managed to continue winning without him, raising my hopes that Oklahoma City might stay in the playoffs long enough to make it past the TBS only rounds this year.  Get well soon, Kevin!

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