Hanukkah Hunks: Night 1

Yup, it’s that time of year again – tonight at sundown marks the first night of Hanukkah, and we here at Ladies… would like to take this opportunity to recognize some of the finest fellows in the athletic world that will be lighting the first candle this evening.  Check out Night 1’s Hunk after the jump…

(and if you happen to be in the NYC area between tonight and next Wednesday, hit up 59th and 5th to see that bad boy above – the world’s largest menorah!)

Come on, you knew that was coming.  As the in-house Heeb-in-training of the Ladies…, obviously I had to pick someone from my poor, pathetic Mets.  Happy Hanukkah everyone –  I give you: The Many Faces of Mr. Ike Davis.  (Probably shouldn’t have used that photo above, given that it was taken right after he hit in to a double play that ended the inning.  But come on, he looks so…angrily seductive!)

There we go, that’s a happy Ike.  In case you’ve been living under a rock, Isaac Davis, son of Yankees/Twins pitcher Ron Davis, is the Mets superstar rookie 1st baseman who rounded out his first year in the pros with a .264 batting average, 19 home runs, and 71 RBIs – not too shabby!

He also loves to make ridiculous plays by flipping himself in to dugouts and seating areas, and actually manages to catch the ball while doing so!

He’s also really great with his fans. Come on, the man is pulling off a Rubik’s Cube t-shirt!

He is also charitable. And looks good in a polo. And looks great with scruff.  But most importantly, he’s a pretty impressive ball player, and is definitely one of the only reasons I maintained any hope for the Mets last year (and now that we finally have some new management, I can’t wait to see what they, with Ike, can accomplish next year).  Now you know why We Like Ike!

Stay tuned each crazy night through December 8th, as we’ll be bringing you another Hanukkah Hunk each time the candles are lit!  And a very Happy Hanukkah tonight – go enjoy some latkes and doughnuts!

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Formerly of Buffalo and Rochester and now of NYC, I am an extremely loyal Buffalo Bills and Sabres fan since birth. I *used* to support the Yankees, but Mr. Buffalita has since showed me the err of my ways and has converted me (almost fully) to a Mets fan. Come on, you think I would have had Mr. Met at our wedding otherwise? Feel free to drop me a line at buffalitanyc@gmail.com for story requests, tips, or photos you'd like to share!

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