And Now, A Few Words About the NBA


It’s only our irrational fear of asbestos contamination that has kept us from blogging about the NBA. Really

We here at Ladies… are not the most dutiful of bloggers when it comes to the NBA, particularly at the beginning of the season.  Hey, if you start your season at the same time as the start of hockey season, the World Series, and peak college and NFL football action, you’re going to have to really stick out to get us to pay attention.  Still, now that we are roughly 10 games in, there are a few things you might want to know about if you were too busy cyber-stalking Buster Posey to flip on TNT.



Might want to rethink those (alleged) trade demands, Chris.


3 Teams Doing Better Than You May Have Expected

1. New Orleans (8-1)

2. Golden State (7-4)

3. New Jersey (4-6) I know, but this is actually good enough for 2nd in the Atlantic division right now. Yay, Eastern Conference!



I like Stephen Curry. And I like the Warriors new retro unis.


3 Teams Doing Worse Than You Might Have Imagined

1. Miami (6-4) Where is the dominant, world destroying team we were promised? Oh, still in LA and Boston.

2.LA Clippers (1-10) Weren’t the Clips supposed to be at least a tiny bit better with Griffin?

3.Houston (3-7)


It doesn’t count as jinxing him when he got hurt BEFORE I wrote this post.

Early ROY Candidate

John Wall. Before his recent sprained ankle, he was averaging 18.1 points per game, 9.8 assists, and leading the league in steals (3.25).  There is no truth to the rumor he was injured in a Gilbert Arenas prank gone horribly wrong.

Weirdest Storylines

1. The Charlotte Hornets are 1-4 at home, but 3-3 on the road.

2. The Utah Jazz just concluded a stretch where they won consecutive games after trailing by 18, 22, 18, 11, and 19 points, respectively.

3. The Knicks had to postpone a game against the Magic after “possible asbestos material” fell into the arena during a routine cleaning of the roof.  This is somehow simultaneously bizarre and completely typical.

Are you all following the nascent NBA season? Are you one of those wait until the playoffs people?  Or are you like these poor college Jeopardy students who are too busy with their studies to learn about Tim Duncan (via Ball Don’t Lie)?

3 thoughts on “And Now, A Few Words About the NBA

  1. Oh Manhattan asbestos. The Knicks will do anything to get out of an embarrassment…

    I am very open on my general disliking and lack of knowledge on the NBA. Hell, even basketball in general. I think NBA Jam being reissued for the Wii has taught me more than watching a real game ever could.

  2. That’s hilarious that you should post the Jeopardy clip. I never watch it, but made an exception when I visited my grandparents last week. I don’t recall a lot of sporty questions, although I remember the student from Nebraska got the Huskers question. So there’s still hope.

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