FINALLY! Buffalo has a WIN!


Trust me, it’s not like I’m bragging by any means – I’m actually pretty glad that I couldn’t actually watch the action, given that it went from 14-3 to 14-12 in the last few seconds, in true Buffalo fashion.  But after 3 weeks in a row of losing by 3 points, a win by 2 is still a win!  More celebrating, reflecting, whining, and rambling after the jump…

So first and foremost, a sincere apology for my absence – I’m sure most of my readers will think that I went on a hiatus because I was too embarrassed to even show my face on Ladies… until my beloved Bills had a damn win. Truth be told, that was somewhat of a reason (plus never in a million  years could I have imagined that it would have taken them until week freaking 10 to accomplish a sad little win) but more truthfully, working out plans and details to become Mrs. Buffalita next summer takes a lot more of one’s life than you might think, and sports have had to somewhat take a back burner temporarily.  Regardless, I’m back and I finally have something happy to write about!

I can’t lie – 2010 has been a bit of a tough year for the teams that I love so dearly.  Obviously the Yankees didn’t quite make it to 28 rings (though I honestly couldn’t be happier for the Giants – they deserved it), the Bills were unable to mark a W in the books despite playing relatively well in some respects, the Sabres are in 4th place so far and aren’t even at 500, and the Mets…actually, let’s just not talk about the Mets.  But all of this forced me to stop and think about team loyalty, and how good of a fan I really am, or how many of those around me are truly fans versus how many are happy to jump on the winners bandwagon when it’s convenient.

(like my first post back wouldn't have a football booty - ohai Dwan)

I think the thing that bothered me most was paying a visit to one of my favorite Bills bars here in NYC back in the end of September…and seeing how dead the place was.  Granted most of the action is at the adjoining bar next door usually, but it used to almost be a given that the action would absolutely have to spill over next door once they exceeded capacity.  On this particular Sunday where the Bills were set to be destroyed by the Patriots, we waltzed in without a reservation and were promptly seated in a buzzing but not brimming Bills Backers bar.  Whether this means that the usual fans had little to no faith in their team against Brady’s mighty coiffure, or whether it means that people just preferred to sulk in front of the tv in the privacy of their own homes, I’m not sure.  What I do know is that the few dozen or so fans that did decide to accompany their game viewing with some unlimited wings and Labatts along with my family and I were truly fans through thick and thin, and I would at least like to think that myself along with those other screaming (often angrily) folks is that our blood truly does run red and blue (well, in a literal medical sense it does, but that’s besides the point…)  I much prefer to hear a fan say that their blood flows orange and black, versus passing by a San Fran bar in the East Village packed with those that hail from the Bay Area that have decided last minute that if their ‘hometown team’ is doing well enough to warrant their attention, they’re suddenly and miraculously lifelong fans.

(Just wanted to toss in a photo of our newest addition – Shawne Merriman.  Obviously you’ll see much more on him from me later – he looks pretty good in that red and blue…)

Too often have I heard fellow Bills fans waiver and threaten to turn their backs on their team, or maybe even worse – root for another team that appears to be doing better.  So this is my plea to the true Buffalo fans out there: yes, we’ve been through some seriously trying times that truly tested our loyalty, but PLEASE don’t pull a LeBron and jump ship just so you can feign pride in a championship.  Till next week, when I’ll hopefully have less whining and more celebrating (and football booties) to talk about!

PS – A very big congrats to Coach Lindy Ruff on his 1000th game last Wednesday against the NJ Devils – thanks to the diligence of the Sabres in four rounds of a shoot out, they were able to make this monumental game a win (5-4).

4 thoughts on “FINALLY! Buffalo has a WIN!

  1. I still hate the shootout, but only because I have rarely ever seen the Leafs win it. For that matter, they’re rarely winning in regulation lately.

  2. Congrats on the impending nuptuals (and the win too)! Planning a wedding can really pile on the stress (and unfortunately sometimes bring out the worst in family/friends). There were a number of times I considered taking my dad’s offer of $ to just elope! :)

    And just think, the Bills have a good chance of getting a win streak going this weekend.

    • Thank you! :) Trust me, we would have done the courthouse thing months ago if it wouldn’t have severely disappointed Mama Buffalita and Mama Hawk…

      HAH! Not counting those chickens before they hatch (especially because I have a couple of your Bengals on my fantasy teams) but fingers crossed that TO trips over himself or something…

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