In Which the Ladies Join In To The “Farewell Joe Morgan” Blog Circus

If you read this blog, you probably read many other sports blogs or internet sports related media, and you know that Tuesday, ESPN announced it was not renewing the contracts of its Sunday Night Baseball team, which meant to Twitter and Facebook enabled baseball fans everywhere, that Joe Morgan finally got fired.   And even if we here at Ladies were a bit too preoccupied with the jobs we actually still have this week to put up an instant response, we still couldn’t let an event sports fans have been waiting for for at least half a decade go by without comment.  Our thoughts below (and yours, hopefully, below that).

Lady Bee: My two cents: Consistency. My God, Joe loved that word. Which is fitting because he was a consistently awful analyst.

The Blonde Bomber: I was once in a fantasy baseball league named fire Joe Morgan. I think that pretty much sums it up :)

I found delight in making fun of him.  Seriously, he said some of THE dumbest shit.  But the bottom line – he was a passionate dude and loved the sport.  There are far too many people in the world who are luke warm, about most things, especially their jobs.  I dug his passion.  More people need that fire, whatever their jobs or positions.  A commentator with gusto seems like a no-brainer, but isn’t.  Joe will be sorely missed.

Buffalita: I honestly can’t remember any specific examples or quotes from him – I just know that every time we watched a game, [my fiance] would usually become enraged and yell something to the effect of GOD MORGAN, YOURE SUCH AN IDIOT! which would usually be followed by me saying something like wow Morgan, you think it would be harder for you to catch a ball thrown by the first baseman from up in your tower, or from the shortstop?

Games Mistress: When I hit Facebook Tuesday, I actually thought for a minute there was a new internet meme where everyone was pretending Joe Morgan got fired.  This is how unlikely it seemed that ESPN would ever push Joe out of the announcer’s booth (as opposed to waiting until he chose to retire and then spending his final season showering him with gag-inducing vanity pieces on Sportscenter).

Since I haven’t had regular cable access since 2004, to me Joe had become more of a figurehead, a symbol of all that was wrongheaded about sports commentary (which was probably because I read Fire Joe Morgan more than I  listened to Actual Joe Morgan).  And it’s tempting to view his departure as some kind of victory for those of us who spend lots of our sports watching time with a finger on the mute button, a sign that we’ve been listened to.  But it seems more likely that this was a personality clash (even on-air Morgan did not seem to enjoy the presence of Orel Hershiser, who ESPN clearly wants to make more prominent) easily solved by an expiring contract, rather than the beginning of a trend.  Still, it feels like the end of an era.  And that’s always a little exciting, and a little bittersweet.

Bye, Joe.  Tim McCarver will try his best, but he’ll never annoy us as much as you did.

1 thought on “In Which the Ladies Join In To The “Farewell Joe Morgan” Blog Circus

  1. Maybe I’m in the minority, but I think McCarver is more annoying. He just makes me want to gouge out my ears (or just watch the game on mute:)). But then again I also would pay to bitch slap Joe Buck.

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