Friday Fellow: Theo Walcott featured this first picture of Theo yesterday and I decided this cutie needed more exposure. Those of you not into footy are missing out on this adorable young’un. He plays for Arsenal and the English National Team and has some gorgeous eyes. He’s adorable in that friend’s younger brother sort of way. And he rocks some serious ear bling. I stand by my theory that if he’s rocking good jewelry, he must hook up his lady friend with all kinds of ice.

Happy Friday, Ladies…

Follow the jump for Theo in a suit and some gorgeous legs.

He’s coming to getcha!

Check out those soccer-playing theighs. Yum!

Looking adorable at a Harry Potter premiere:

17 thoughts on “Friday Fellow: Theo Walcott

  1. Askal love’s you. Here in Ethiopia, east Africa you are so cute and in football you are very smart specilly your speed can be measured as the speed of light. Really love ya’

  2. hmm james walcott u are a very gud player but u guy should try more to give us a triophy,we are proud of u all,up gunners,from ayorinde a.k.a blackboy

  3. theo,l really love the way you play especially when it come to .the area of speed, you guys shouid try and give us a trophy this season keep it up .

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