Aubrey Huff’s Victory Thong … And Other Tales of the Giants Victory Parade


Even the police horses got in on the fun.

On Wednesday, San Francisco hosted its first ever World Series victory parade.  (Must be nice to have one of those in a temperate climate: every time there’s one in New York it seems to be miserably cold or rainy.)  The main media narrative about the Giants this postseason was that the team on the whole is a bit ….kooky; the parade certainly did nothing to dispel that impression.

Earlier media reports hinted that Aubrey Huff might attend the parade in nothing but his red “victory thong.”  Well, the thong was definitely present and visible….

…Aubrey just was not actually wearing it.  Chicken.

World Series MVP Edgar Renteria looked decidedly peaceful as he continued to deliberate whether to accept a contract from a desperate near-contender hoping he will bring his postseason magic, or to retire with the most awesome final at bat EVER.  (Check out this great post at the Hardball Times, discussing how rare it is to even end your career in the World Series, much less hit the series winning home run in your final at bat.)

Matt Cain won the team award for “Player Who Looks Most Like a Tourist Who Got on a Parade Streetcar by Accident.”

Yes, Brian Wilson’s hair is even more impressive with his hat off.

But we know who you ladies want to see.  We know what you’d be doing if you were 10 years younger, lived in San Francisco, and could figure out how to climb on top of a city bus. (Seriously, they were just allowed to get up there?)  So, without further ado…

… here he is, looking all pensive and maybe a little overwhelmed at so much good fortune so soon in his career.  Gee, that’s not going to make us like him even more.

Oh, and just one more thing before we head firmly into the start of hot-stove, hockey, and that enn-bee-aay thing: called it.

4 thoughts on “Aubrey Huff’s Victory Thong … And Other Tales of the Giants Victory Parade

  1. Games Mistress, you rocketh. Between this and Ladies… Fantasy Football…maybe you should by a lottery ticket?

    My friend Karen is in SF this week and lucky for her the parade went by her hotel. I was so thrilled that she sent me a pic via txt message – mostly of a half block of fans and the tail of a float. But hey, she was THERE!

    • Fantasy football I can’t take credit for. I have simply found a new way to do my usual record of exactly .500 by winning one league and being last place in the other. ;)

      Next time there is a victory parade in NY I’m skipping work to go. Don’t care who it’s for. But kind of hope it’s the Jets.

  2. I loved that they all rode in streetcars!

    And Huff’s homage to “Zoolander”–PRICELESS!

    And yeah, the Yankee parade last year was FREEZING and it was crowded and I didn’t see squat. Somethings are better experienced on the TV.

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