Hit and Run: Crazy Endings Edition


I mean, what else would you expect on Hallowe'en? (AP Photo)

There just something about Hallowe’en that brings out the crazy. Dressing like a zombie. Dressing like Gaga. Drinking booze that is clearly coloured by artificial susbtances and possibly has floating eyeballs. Eating far too many mini Coffee Crisps. These jackets. Whatever bizarre behaviour you engage in is perfectly acceptable on October 31st, or at least the Friday or Saturday closest to it.

The sports world was also full of crazy on the weekend. For instance…

Montreal Alouettes

The field goal attempt that started it all (Reuters)

CFL Friday night…did you see this (go to 1:40 on the clip)? Final moments of the game between the Montreal Alouettes and the Toronto Argonauts, tied at 30. A 36-yard field goal attempt by the Als’ Damon Duval was wide. The Argos’ Mike Bradwell kicked out of the endzone back to Duval who kicked it back in! It bounced, it looked a bit crazy and when the dust had settled, Montreal’s Dahrran Diedrick (who played college football in Nebraska!) had it in possession in the endzone for a touchdown. And the crazy part is all of this is perfectly legal in the CFL. Montreal wins 37-30.


It’s been a while since we’ve covered NASCAR here. I feel partly responsible, but I just haven’t been able to get into it since Dale Jarrett retired (Mr. Bee’s fave driver, true story) So I was surprised to learn that holy crap, the Chase for the Cup is pretty tight right now. Jimmy Johnson’s reign as champ is being threatened by the likes of Kevin Harvick and Denny Hamlin. But Sunday was Talledega, and all about Clint Bowyer who won the AMP Energy Juice 500 under caution. 87 lead changes – a NASCAR record – and a nasty-looking flip by AJ Allmendinger in the final lap (gratefully, he’s OK)

Is all this enough to get me interested in watching again? Sadly, no.


I don't even want to acknowledge this by way of a caption. (AP Photo)

In the NFL…oh, you know what? Enough about that guy. Pats over Vikings 28-18. God bless New England!

SF Giants

Tell me Bumgarner is wearing those fake vampire fangs and his teeth don't actually look like that when he pitches. (Getty Images)

How’s this for crazy: the Giants are 27 outs away from winning the World Series. Rookie pitcher Madison Bumgarner, he of the unfortunate name, had the game of his career last night, limiting the Rangers to 3 hits in a 4-0 shutout. Aubrey Huff and our new crush Buster Posey each hit HRs. Game 5 is tonight in Texas, and we’re hoping Version 2.0 of Lee vs. Lincecum will be scary good as it should have been in Game 1.

And now we come full circle. Sick of “Monster Mash” and “Thriller”? Let this float through your head the rest of the day. I still recall when this broke through in 1992 (I. Am. Old.)

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