7 Things I Learned Before the Seventh Inning Stretch of Game 1

1. Cliff Lee is not invincible. Which seems kind of obvious, but didn’t it sort of seem like he was for a few weeks, there? It appears the baseball gods do not take kindly to media designated storylines such as  “The Year of the Pitcher.”

2. Fox seems to have abandoned the  “solemn and momentous occasion” theme they’ve used for both the All-Star Game and the World Series the last few years in favor of their standard blaring trumpet sports theme.  So they’ve obviously been reading our All-Star liveblogs.

3. Bow ties are back, if Ken Rosenthal and the Giants owner are any indication. (No pictures of Ken’s bowtie have made it to the web while I’m writing this, but check the Google search for any that may have shown up since, or at least the amusing commentary.

4. The Giants have a female PA announcer.  No, seriously: I did not know this despite the fact that Renel Brooks-Moon has been the announcer for ten years, and replaced another woman who did it for seven. Every now and then I find a hole in my sports trivia knowledge that is just inexplicable, and this is one of those times.

5. Andres Torres’s pants are, um, quite flattering.

6. Elvis Andrus is the first player in the history of the World Series to be named “Elvis.”  This is apparently an important enough fact for Fox to give us a graphic about it ten seconds before the first pitch of the World Series was thrown.

7. Adding to the “hell freezes over” feel of this World Series, Barry Bonds appears to have mellowed.

Anybody else learn anything?  (Feel free to use the whole game; us East Coasters can’t wait for the game to conclude to write our posts if we’re going to function at work the next day.)

1 thought on “7 Things I Learned Before the Seventh Inning Stretch of Game 1

  1. Someone the other night told me that when he hears FOX’s “standard blaring trumpet sports theme,” he always thinks, “giddyup giddyup giddyup let’s go.” Now I do too.

    This is not to say I was a fan of the “solemn and momentous occasion” music either…though if I ever heard it before a Brewers World Series, I would most likely start bawling and love it forever.

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