Cliff Lee is the devil

(Nick Laham/Getty Images)

Just to summarize:

8 innings pitched

122 pitches

2 hits

0 runs

1 walk

13 K

Bee’s line

1.3 glasses of merlot (contemplated drinking straight from the bottle at 7-0)

1/3 bag of Lays’ reduced salt chips

28 swears

8 middle fingers (mostly for Josh Hamilton)


Damn you, Cliff Lee. Damn you to hell.

(I hate that you’re so awesome.)

5 thoughts on “Cliff Lee is the devil

  1. I was stuck listening to the Yankees radio feed and it was kind of funny to hear the announcers stuck between admiration for Lee and frustration that the Yankees couldn’t get anything going. After suffering through the last two Yankees-Rangers playoff series a decade ago it felt kind of redemptive. Don’t kill me, Bee!

    • Hee..that’s OK. Of course, lost in all of my ranting is the fact that Andy Pettitte pitched a gem despite that first inning pitch to Hamilton that turned into a two-run homer.

      I think this was a situation in which I was grateful NOT to have to tune in to WCBS. I don’t need my announcers to boot lick, but I also cannot deal with Sterling admonishing the Yankees whenever they have a bad game (also, he thinks statistics are dumb, but that’s a rant for another day) Just call the game. It’s all I ask.

    • Kristin, my only worry is the Yankees’ history of signing so-called Yankee Killers that underachieve the minute they don pinstripes (think Randy Johnson). That said, we could do worse than Cliff Lee (think A.J. Burnett)

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