The Ladies… Slightly Tardy MLB Playoff Predictions


Maybe we aren’t late. Maybe we just wanted to wait for Roy to be awesome.

Yes, three of the four divisional playoff series played their first games yesterday, and yes, Roy Halladay threw a no-hitter against the Reds and totally ruined any chance I had of writing a “but it’s only Game 1 so it hasn’t got really exciting yet” lead in to this post, but some of us Ladies have once again decided to make fools of ourselves by predicting the MLB playoffs. But at least now the post will be illustrated by photos of actual 2010 playoff action, so that’s a bonus.

I think I can speak for all the non-Phillies fans when I say: Thank God they did not keep Cliff Lee, too.

Cute Sports

I’m going on a limb and picking the Reds over the Phillies

SF over Atl

Rangers over Rays
Yankees over Twins

NYY over SF in World Series

I almost certainly will get them all wrong!


I honestly had no idea Buster Posey was such a cutie. Let’s hope the Giants stick around for awhile.

Lady Bee

You know what I loved [Sunday]? Getting an email from urging me to order my 2010 AL Wild Card gear now. I swore profusely. Nobody buys a T-shirt that tells the world your team settled.

I’m calling NLCS Reds/Giants, ALCS Rangers/Yankees, WS Reds/Yanks and the Yankees win The Chase for 28.

I’m covering my head now in anticipation of the other Ladies… showering me with rotten tomatoes.



You may not like the Yankees, but can you resist Andy Petitte?



NLCS: Phils v. Giants
ALCS: Twinks v. Rays

WS: Phils v. Twinks. I trust no AL East pitching right now. Phils to win. Roy/Cole/Roy seems pretty unstoppable, if the bullpen doesn’t manage to completely shit the bed. (If Danys Baez is on the postseason roster, I will set something on fire.)

Also, ew, Bee. Just ew.





Games Mistress

I’m going with the sentimental picks this year because I’m absolutely incapable of being rational where the Reds are concerned.  Also, my best friend from college is a huge Rangers fan and we bonded over watching the Yankees sweep them out of the playoffs three years in a row so I think that’s who I’m rooting for this year, even though they’ve got that whole “never won a playoff series EVER” thing working against them.

So I say: NLCS Phillies/Giants  ALCS Rangers/Yankees  and a Giants/Rangers World Series with the Giants winning it.  Even though I freely acknowledge that it’s far more likely to be a Phillies/Yankees or Phillies/Rays series again.



Jason Heyward. Get ready for some Rookie of the Year candidate clash stories in that Giants-Braves series.


Alright, your turn: did anyone get to watch that Rays-Rangers game and was the officiating really as bad as my baseball Twitter crew was claiming?  Did any team surprise you with their play in Game 1?  And most importantly:  who do you have winning it all?

7 thoughts on “The Ladies… Slightly Tardy MLB Playoff Predictions

  1. Didn’t see the Rangers/Rays game. Calling for Phillies to win it all because they’re clicking on all cylinders right now and because Roy getting his ring is the only way to make losing him bearable.

  2. NLCS: Phillies/Giants
    ALCS: Yankees/Rangers

    WS: Yankees/Giants (party like it’s 1955! Plus I just want to see a matchup between CC vs Tiny Tim.)

  3. I’m only reading this now, so I was all “Get out of my brain, GM!” with that photo of Buster Posey. They showed a clip of him in BP last night during the Yankees/Twins broadcast on Sportsnet and I thought that clearly, I need to watch more Giants games.

  4. Buster Posey is adorable, isn’t he? Personally, I’m finding it a little difficult to pick one team to root for (as my boys didn’t even get the WC)-I like Mauer, I like Lidge, I like Arroyo, I like Posey…I really think I want the Twins; they came so close to getting in last year.

  5. All I want to see is the look on Buster Posey’s face if they win the WS! Becasue he is so mature for a rookie but has the cutest baby face! GO GIANTS!!

  6. I was at the Rays-Rangers game 1 and, yes, the officiating was pretty bad… Didn’t get much better for game 2 either! But it doesn’t matter…my boys have brought it back home & I love them for it! Go Rays!!!! <3

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