Your NHL 2010-11 Hotness Preview: the Northeast


Save some of that for the regular season, Dion. (Photo: Getty Images)

The countdown to October 7th is underway! That’s when the puck drops and the ice is prepped for a brand-new NHL season. Raven and I will be bringing you previews the only way we know how…with photos of hot men.

We bring you the Northeast after the jump.

Buffalo Sabres

In 2009-10…topped the division with 100 points, but were knocked out by the Bruins in the first round of the playoffs.

This season…there is more to the Sabres than Ryan Miller, but, um, not much more. Here’s hoping the addition of Jordan Leopold and a little Niedermayer magic (in the form of Rob) can take Buffalo to the next level.

Hottie to watch: Derek Roy. He’s due for a better year (though 26 goals last season was not too shabby).

Buffalo Sabres

Ottawa Senators

In 2009-10…did well, but bowed out in the first round at the hands of the Pens.

This season…I don’t know…they drove a pile of money to Sergei Gonchar’s door and Fisher married Hilary Duff Carrie Prejean Carrie Underwood. I see them dropping like a stone from the Eastern Conference standings.

Hottie to watch: Blueliner Erik Karlsson…babyface through and through


Boston Bruins

In 2009-10…reached the Eastern semis but fell to the Flyers. So my prediction last year was off by one round.

This season…Meet Tyler Seguin, also known as THE FORWARD THAT SHOULD’VE BEEN OURS! Thanks again, Burkie. Last year’s leading scorer in the OHL will be wowing fans in Boston this season, which will be a small comfort considering Marc Savard is still recovering from post-concussion symptoms (insert sadface here). Add some key acquisitions including Blake Wheeler and Nathan Horton, and you have a team ready for a serious run for the Cup.

Hottie to watch…he’s a kid, but you’ll be falling in love with him like you fell for Sid: Tyler Seguin


Montreal Canadiens

In 2009-10…set Ste.-Catherine’s St. on fire (literally) during their playoff run, but couldn’t get past Philadelphia in the Conference Final.

This season…Habs playoff hero Jaroslav Halak should have an fantastic season…in St. Louis! Yeah, I am still dealing with that trade. I have nothing more to say. The Canadiens can go screw.

Hottie to watch…Maxim Lapierre makes watching this team somewhat tolerable.


Toronto Maple Leafs

In 2009-10…um, let’s not talk about it.

This season…can this be the year we stop being the laughing stock of Canadian teams? Please? Let the Habs have their turn. They were dumb enough to trade the wrong goaltender. Wait, what’s that? We were dumb enough to give up a shot at Tyler Seguin for Phil Kessel? Fine.

I’ll just be happy if we reach 9th place and go five minutes without hearing a Tomas Kaberle-being-shopped-around rumour.

Hottie to watch: Kris Versteeg, our newest Leaf. He cleans up nice.


Tell us who you cannot wait to see lace up the skates below!

2 thoughts on “Your NHL 2010-11 Hotness Preview: the Northeast

  1. I haven’t finished reading but Mike Fisher married Carrie Underwood, not Hillary Duff. Mike Comrie married Hillary Duff. Does that change the dropping like a stone prediction? probably not but I felt I needed to come to Fisher’s defence.

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