Hit & Run: Fantasy Football Disasters Edition


Guess who writes for a sports blog and has Reggie Bush on both her fantasy teams, including one that is in such bad shape as far as running backs go that she is resorting to starting Fred Taylor and 3 WRs for week 3?  Yeah.  So.  (Though as someone who dates a Saints fan, I must note there’s a certain amount of relief among the NOLA fanbase that Reggie’s leg is “just” broken and he didn’t reinjure his knee.)

Injuries and fantasy football lineups thus being on my mind, I thought I’d take a quick survey of other developing situations around the league that might impact your fantasy choices this week.

You know what could really symbolize the desire for a clean start, Braylon? Shaving.

Braylon Edwards is an idiot.  And unfortunately, not just because he continues to insist on that facial hair.  The Jets apparently can not suspend him immediately because he’s due a certain hearing process under the CBA, but Rex Ryan’s pissed, so look for Edwards not to start this week.  Edwards’ fantasy owners without other options should be glad the Jets are playing a good Dolphins team in Miami and Holmes is still suspended, or he’d probably not play at all.

These are your QBs for the next two weeks, Pittsburgh. Smile!

With That-Pittsburgh-QB-Who-Normally-Starts-But-Who-Shall-Remain-Nameless-Because-He’s-An-Asshole still out for two more games and Dennis Dixon’s injury last week, the Steelers were forced to resign Byron Leftwich, just in case something happens to Charlie Batch. If that sentence made you laugh, you probably don’t have any Steelers offensive players on your fantasy team.

Based on three quarters of  a game against a pretty good Packers team, and a full game against the hapless and winless Lions, Michael Vick has been named the starting QB for Philadelphia.  This week they play the Jaguars, who are fresh off a nasty loss to the Chargers.  I think this move will make Andy Reid look like a genius for at least a week.  (Which will mean the momentum will carry us right into Week 4’s showdown against the Redskins and McNabb, a matchup I’d be a lot more interested in if I wasn’t already dreading ESPN and Fox beating us over the head with it for the next two weeks.)

Kevin Kolb owners, you’re out of luck.  Sorry.

Cheer up, Adrian. You've got the Lions this week!

Obviously, I do not have to tell you to start Adrian Peterson if you are so lucky as to have him on your fantasy team.  But let’s say you’re a little concerned that the Vikings offense seems a bit lackluster and that without much of a passing game, opponents will just start stacking the box and limiting AD’s yardage.  Let me remind you that the Vikings are playing the Lions this week.  Feel better?  I know the guy I’m playing in my non-Ladies league sure does.

So, we’re two weeks in.  Has your fantasy team fallen apart yet?

6 thoughts on “Hit & Run: Fantasy Football Disasters Edition

  1. Lady Bee’s season so far:

    Week 1: Ryan Grant

    Week 2: Kevin Faulk

    Lady Bee’s rank: second-last

    Lady Bee’s consumption of empty calories: increased

    • Oh, I know Bee. I almost mentioned Faulk, but I didn’t want to rub it in. If it makes you feel better, my non-Ladies team is really horrendous. Aaron Rodgers is the only reason I even have a chance at this point.

      • Wanna know what’s weird? I not only have Rodgers on my Ladies… team, I’m also starting Fred Taylor Sunday!

  2. Um…even if we disregard Braylon Edwards’ epic stupidity this week (especially since he disregarded the service his team gives its players precisely so they don’t HAVE to drive drunk), he wouldn’t be the strongest of receiver options anyway. He’s the primary target for cornerbacks as long as Santonio Holmes is serving his suspension for being stupid. And that doesn’t even account for Edwards’ tendency to drop wide-open passes in the best of circumstances.
    Love the post, btw.


  3. The husband drafted Kolb in both of his leagues (the starter in one of them). He kept going on about how great he was going to be and how smart he would look later. Not to mention I *had* to draft him up as my backup in our league just to shut him up! :P

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