Hump Day Hottie: Boise State

After watching the craziness that was the Boise State/Virginia Tech game this past Monday, I noticed that Boise State wasn’t hurting for any hotties on their squad.  While I felt a bit dirty checking out the young(er) boys, I decided it would be a disservice to not share these boys with the Ladies… readers.

So take a trip with me to Boise, Idaho where potatoes and hotties abound.

First up, the man on everyone’s Heisman short list, QB Kellen Moore

Next up, ILB Derrell Acrey & TE Ryan Gallarda

In the market for a wide receiver? How about game-winning TD catcher Austin Pettis?

Receivers not your thing? How about a hunky defensive end? Meet Mr. Ryan Winterswyk.

If this isn’t cutting it for you, how about a kick-ass running back?  Why, hello Doug Martin!

I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot of these boys this year.  Just consider this your briefing for one of the teams playing for the National Championship this year.

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