Five Ways To Spend Labor Day


Yes, some people have to work today.

Happy last weekend of summer as we know it! For those of you not spending it at work, or moving to your dorm, or counting down the hours until you can put the kids on the school bus, we bring you five ways to spend that (hopefully) least of laborious days.


You could watch the U.S. Open...or just stare at this picture. The choice is yours.

1) Stare at the gloriousness that is Roger Federer.

Day 8 of the U.S. Open includes two key fourth round match-ups: Caroline Wozniacki against Maria Sharapova in women’s singles in the morning, and Jurgen Metzer versus five-time champ Roger Federer in men’s singles at 7 Eastern.  And worry pas: Nadal is still in this.

2) Order your Mike Comrie Pens jersey.


It's official: pictures of Mike Comrie alone no longer exist. Also, why is he channeling Joba here? Or is it just me?

Or not. But the puck drops on a new NHL season in just over a month. Time to research your fantasy hockey team choices, air your Ottawa Senators Snuggie on the clothesline, and block off every Saturday night between now and April.

3) Baseball! (Duh…)


Being an Oriole is not so bad these days. (AP Photo)

Major League Baseball has a full slate of afternoon matchups, including Buck Showalter’s return to Yankee Stadium as Orioles manager (and surprise! Baltimore has been pretty decent!) September baseball? Yes, please!

4) Plan your NFL Season Opener menu.


Did you miss these guys? (AP Photo)

Just three sleeps until Vikings/Saints! You could pore over that grease-stained recipe book that’s coming apart at the spine, or you could check out any of our Foodie Friday archived recipes here, here and here. CFL fans can get their pigskin fix with a doubleheader: Argos and Ti-Cats in the afternoon, followed by Edmonton in Calgary to take on the Stampeders.

5) See how many chicken wings you can eat in 12 minutes.

Sonya Thomas can eat more than 4.8 pounds of wings in that time span. No joke. Dear readers, meet the new national championship record holder, who bested Joey Chestnut by a dozen wings on Sunday. I have no words. Also, I’m suddenly hungry.

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