Where’s Oswalt?

You may have heard that Roy Oswalt was pressed into duty as a left fielder in the Phillies -Astros 14 inning game Tuesday night.  This was all in a day’s work for Roy, who likes to keep his pitching skills fresh by engaging in a number of varied activities on his off days.  Here’s where you could find Roy this week:


Pitching (obviously)

Taking Rex Ryan up on his invitation to participate in drills at Jets training camp.

Doing a non-speaking cameo behind Christopher Lloyd's Willy Loman in the Weston Playhouse's "Death of a Salesman."

Helping with Freshmen Move-In at Grinnell College

This weekend: Roy jets to Turkey to hand out Gatorade at the World Basketball Championships.  And maybe pitches against the Padres.

2 thoughts on “Where’s Oswalt?

  1. you so need a picture of the kick ass smile he busted out when he actually caught a ball out in left field and the fans at CBP went wild… he looked absolutely adorable!!!

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