Call-Up Cuties Returns: Welcome to the Show, Boys

It’s not quite September yet, but plenty of baseball teams  have already started calling up fresh faces for their major league debuts — which means even if your team is out of any meaningful chance at the playoffs (or if you’re trying to ignore the fact that your team is giving away the division right after reclaiming first place, sigh) there’s still plenty of good reasons to watch the games.  I mined the MLB transaction ledger to find every first-time call-up since July 31.  You can thank me later.

Ryan Kalish, LF Boston Red Sox

MLB Debut: July 31

Fun Fact: Right after I finished my research for this post, I logged in to Facebook to find Maggie gushing about Ryan.  So clearly he’s trying to become a new Ladies favorite.

Casey Coleman, P, Chicago Cubs

Debut: August 2

Fun Fact: Casey made his first appearance during the Cubs’ 18-1 loss to the Brewers — in which he gave up 6 runs and took on a 23.14 ERA.  Several stronger outings later, he’s lowered that to 7.82.

Chris Sale, P, Chicago White Sox

Debut: August 6

Fun Fact: Chris is 6′ 5″ and a lefty, so get ready for the Randy Johnson comparisons.  Although by having his picture featured on Ladies just once, he’s already passed Johnson in an important stat.

J.P. Arenciba, C, Toronto Blue Jays

Debut: August 7

Fun Fact: In J.P.’s first game, he went 4-5 with 2 home runs, becoming the first player since 1900 to put up such a line in his first game.  Unfortunately he’s only gone 1-15 since then. Such is the life of a rookie backup catcher.

Mike Minor, P, Atlanta Braves

Debut: August 9

Fun Fact:  Mike’s struck out 5  in both of his 6 inning starts thus far, while also posting a 1.08 WHIP.  So you might want to keep an eye on him for fantasy purposes, should you be so inclined.

Darwin Barney, SS, Chicago Cubs

Debut: August 12

Fun Fact: Darwin is a Portland native who played college ball at Oregon State.  He’s also cute enough to override my personal bias against featuring more Cubs than other teams in any given post. And, unlike any of these other call-ups  he wears his uniform pants below the knee with high socks.  High five, Darwin!

Now, who’s ready to watch some baseball?

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