Football? Baseball? How about…neither?

New Bill CJ Spiller at Training Camp in Rochester!

Is it time for football yet???

Apparently it is. I’ve been so involved with baseball and watching the poor Yankees barely stay in first, and the poor Mets….
Anyways, I’ve been a little preoccupied. Come to find out I’m so out of the loop that I load up on an idle Sunday night for a little column inspiration, and lo and behold, the Cowboys are kicking some Ocho Cinco and Ocho Uno ass!! It was shaping up to be a total shutout on the new duo, but Carson Palmer’s little brother Jordan connected with rookie TE Darius Hill for a touchdown in the 4th. But otherwise around the country, training camps are in full swing.

Being that I had to stomach seeing him in my beloved blue and reds for the last year, this sight is actually somewhat comforting and hilarious at the same time. Regardless of the fact that TO and Chad have more in common besides their own terrible shows on VH1, I find myself in a bit of an odd predicament: I’m not sure how much I truly care about the sports world right now…

(Had to look it up – this happened on Sunday night in the Yanks’ 7-2 win over Boston. This puts Jeter at #39 overall for most all time hits, and he’ll only need another 11 to pass Mel Ott, Frankie Frisch and Zack Wheat to move to #36. Inching ever so close to that 3000 mark – Jeter DOES got that Edge!)

Don’t get me wrong – I obviously still love baseball. But there ends up being a bit of a lull right after the All Star game where I have a hard time having as much excitement as I did back in, say, April and May. I’m sure it’ll pick up again in September once the end is nearing and pennant races can start, but what is it about August that, besides pre-season football and the US Open (if that floats your boat) is just so boring for sports? Yes, I’ll still watch some baseball. Yes, I’m looking forward to football. But I can’t say that I’m all that excited for the start of football just yet – it’s a bit too far off. And baseball? Any Mets fan can attest I’m sure – after a while, you just start to yawn, turn the game off early, and wonder when to let all strings of hope snap.

(At least some fans of preseason out there, like this lovely lady above, can cover me on the excitement until September hits)

So I’m curious – where does everyone else stand right now in the world of sports fandom?

2 thoughts on “Football? Baseball? How about…neither?

  1. You know I love baseball. Of course, the fact that the Yanks are now 2.5 games ahead of the Rays helps.

    I can’t get excited about football until September. Something about that fall air, the kids getting back to school and that first Crockpot of chili simmering on a Sunday afternoon – it just smells NFL.

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