Congrats are in order…

This week’s post is a bit more of a Hit and Run, but I figured with all of the hype around the All Star break, mayyyybe we should mention the fact that SPAIN WON THE WORLD CUP!!! Congrats to España, and also to Big Papi, who somehow managed to be pitted against Hanley Ramwhinerez and beat him in the final round of this year’s Home Run Derby 11-5.

You’ve got to hand it to Spain – while not putting on a very impressive show offensively (they won their last 4 games in a row 1-0), Iker Casillas put on an even better performance in the goal. Surprisingly enough, it appears that this World Cup final was one of the most watched in US television history; almost 25 million viewers tuned in yesterday to watch Spain take the Netherlands 1-0 in extra time. Not sound like a lot? Game 7 of the NBA this year had 28 million…

Great job to Spain on a tourney well done! And congrats to Octopus Paul on his correct prediction – now he can finally retire! (If you’re wondering what I could possibly be referring to, yes, there is an octopus named Paul who predicts the World Cup winner by choosing mussels from the cup adorned with the flag of each country in the finals.)

BACK BACK BACK!!! Big Papi wasn’t much of a surprise winner in tonights Home Run Derby, and while I wasn’t personally a big fan of the top two, you have to admit this photo of Hanley Ramirez and his sleeping son is just too cute.  Tune in later on Tuesday for the Ladies… liveblog coverage of this years All Star Game – let’s go National League!

Finally, a quick goodbye to a true legend – Bob Sheppard, announcer of (my secretly beloved)  New York Yankees from 1951-2007 (and of the Giants from 1956-2006), died this past Sunday at the age of 99.  He announced over 4500 games for the MLB and will forever be remembered for “Good Evening, Welcome To Yankee Stadium”.  I personally used to wonder why the announcer at Yankee Stadium would announce a player’s position, number, name, and then number again – turns out, that’s just the way Bob did it.  Bob, you will be missed greatly by millions.

No, I will not bother addressing other recent events involving a certain basketball player signing to a certain team that already took my Wade.  Congrats to Spain and Papi again – you both deserved it!!! And don’t forget to tune in Tuesday night for the Ladies…All Star Game live blog coverage!

PS – when you get a chance, check out some images of Papi’s shoes from Monday night. Very hot topic of conversation at the Ladies… live coverage of the derby.

2 thoughts on “Congrats are in order…

  1. RIP Bob…and The Boss! It’s a sad time for Yankee fans and New Yorkers.

    Loved hearing Bob’s voice announcing Jeter at the Stadium last fall, even if it was a recording.

  2. Bob Sheppard, the pride of Ridgewood, Queens. His voice was so majestic and regal, and it sounded like you were in the greatest ballpark on Earth, watching the great team on Earth.

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