Five Words.

Dick. Move. Hall. Of. Fame.

Okay, look. I’ve devoted a lot of time and energy into hating the ever-loving hell out of Brett Favre for the monumental screw-job he handed Green Bay fans by first doing the ‘I MAY RETIRE OR I MAY NOT WOULDN’T YOU LIKE TO KNOW’ dance and then the ‘LOLOLOLOL I AM SIGNING WITH YOUR RIVAL’ swan song. I really, really thought there couldn’t possibly be a bigger dick in organized sports than Brett Favre. I mean, the man singlehandedly held up football in Green Bay for a solid three years, and I’m pretty sure Aaron Rodgers still has Favre voodoo dolls in every room of his house.

That said? I’ve never seen an athlete so tone-deaf as to think that a nationally televised hour-long special to announce his free-agency decision smacked of anything beyond rampant egotism. That was horrifying in and of itself.

But a nationally televised hour-long special to break up with his hometown team in the most public manner possible? That’s an unprecedented level of douchebag.

Congratulations, LeBron James. You’re 2010’s entry into the Dick Move Hall of Fame. Good thing I don’t care about basketball.

11 thoughts on “Five Words.

    • In the immortal words of Bob Barker, COME ON DOWN. We’ve got a broken baseball team, a Duck Boat tour that kills tourists, but we’ve got CHARACTER, DAMMIT.

  1. I think Simmons actually had a pretty great article about this yesterday, theorizing that Wade, Bosh, and James had planned to go to Miami all along and just dicked everyone around for the fun of it. Obviously there’s no way to tell if this is true or not, but if it is true all three of them are terrible.

    I hope Kevin Durant wins a couple of rings before these guys even sniff the Finals again.

  2. At least Brett Favre didn’t use a one-hour prime time special on ESPN to announce he was signing with the Vikings. Sure, he’s got the diva thing going but his ego seems pretty tame compared to LeBron’s.

    And permission to make the inevitable Joe Mauer comparison? Both Mauer and LeBron were drafted by their hometown teams out of high school and played for a similar number of years. Both built massive followings in their local markets. Both ultimately took different career paths, each for less money than they otherwise could have gotten. But both were motivated by different factors. LeBron wanted to play alongside Wade and Bosh, not caring where he won an NBA title. If they went to Cleveland he would have stayed. Instead he went to Miami because they had signed with Miami. Mauer opted to stay with the Twins because he couldn’t see himself playing for any other team and feels that there are too few pro-athletes who spend their entire careers in one uniform. LeBron—with the help of ESPN—created a media circus to boost his image and hype up his signing decision. Mauer didn’t need an hour on ESPN to announce his decision to stick with his hometown team. He at least understands the concepts of HUMILITY, MODESTY, and LOYALTY, which seem lost on a lot of pro athletes these days. LeBron has become the new epitome of a DIVA, PRIMA DONNA, and EGOMANIAC.

    • I was thinking the same thing about him and Mauer. Who would have thought there would be an athlete to come along who would make Brett Favre look humble?

  3. there’s really no trouble here.
    fdeavnt appear on television and tell the truth to everyone, I am the most sincere ways of doing things. Now Decison this is true, has done a lot of malcontents, but in the long run, these include the decision to Lebron, who are in my opinion, very honest

  4. A-fricken-men! I would have been disappointed w/his decision but Cleveland had their chance to build a championship team around him and blew it. My problem is w/the televised special–it just smacks of the highest level of self-involved egotism (srsly-Kobe didn’t even do that). Welcome to DM HoF Bron-Bron!

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