World Cup Hotties: Group G

OK, it was a crazy sports news day yesterday.  There was that tennis match (which may still be going on as you read this), a huge trade by the new Stanley Cup champions, Bobby Valentine may be returning to the NL East, and um, oh right THAT.

But we here at Ladies are bound and determined to finish examining all the World Cup teams for hotties if it kills us.  We are nothing if not devoted.

Group G awaits!  Let’s start with Brazil.

Luis Fabiano

Michel Bastos

Kaka(hugging) and Robinho (being hugged)




Cristiano Ronaldo

Ivory Coast

Didier Drogba

Kolo Toure

Yaya Toure (yes, they’re brothers!)

North Korea

Ri Myong Guk

Ri Kwang Chon

An Yong Hak
(not hot so much as cute in an adorable, looks-like-he’s-12 way)

Brazil’s already clinched a spot in the second round and Portugal’s got a massive 9 goal differential over Ivory Coast, so unless North Korea’s decided to put on an even worse performance than they did against Portugal, Group H’s third games are not going to be the tense anything-can-happen thrillers that, say, Group C’s were.  But now at least you know where the pretty is.

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