Hit and Run: 100% Vuvuzela Free

I know, we haven’t gotten to group H yet, but I’m a little pressed for time and there’s been lots going on in the sports world this week. (Also, I tend to get really distracted while doing the research for World Cup preview posts.  I can’t imagine why.)  So consider these reaction shots of yesterday’s shocking Swiss upset of Spain a preview of what’s coming soon:

Spain haz a sad.

Next week I’ll also have a full scoring update of the Ladies…World Cup Pick ‘Em Challenge.  I’m winning, but only because I happened to pick a bunch of draws.  Turns out this was a good year for that.

In other championship news, the College World Series starts this weekend in Omaha.  Our own Miss Minda will be attending some of the tournament, which will include my beloved alma mater for the first time since before I was in college.  Despite my obvious homerism, the picture below is of first time attendee TCU, because it is the best INVIZBUL TRAMPOLINE picture ever. (Also, they beat Texas to get there and I am more annoyed at them than usual.)


And it wouldn’t be fair to highlight the baseball championship without taking a moment to congratulate UCLA on defending their national title in softball (that’s 10 11 NCAA titles overall for the program).  One of the first things I thought when the PAC-16 possibility surfaced last week was “that’s going to be a killer softball conference.”  Not that it matters now.


And finally, we don’t do a lot of NBA coverage at Ladies… these days (recent Playoffs of Hotness notwithstanding) but we’d be poor sports fans if we did not direct your attention to the GAME 7 being played TONIGHT.  This is only the 17th NBA Finals to go to a game 7 (and only the fifth in my lifetime) so it’s kind of a big deal.  As preparation, please enjoy this goofy picture of Garnett and Odom:


Are you watching any baseball or basketball the next few days?  Or is it all World Cup, all the time (even if you have to use the mute button)?

4 thoughts on “Hit and Run: 100% Vuvuzela Free

  1. Defending their title? They didn’t win last year. Washington did. Screw UCLA, Go AZ Cats.

    I’m loving the invizibul trampoline shot

    • Hee. You know what I did? The UCLA website still has all of their old championship recaps up and somehow Google brought up the 2004 championship article first. I’ll fix it.

      • Hey it’s cool, I doubt anyone cares…I’m probably the only softball fan there is!

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