World Cup Hotties: Group B

We start with the men of Argentina. Follow the jump for all the lovlies:

Diego Pozo

Gabriel Heinze

Gonzalo Higuain

Martin Palermo

Nicolas Burdisso

Sergio Aguero

The Nigerian Squad? Not so much bringing the heat…

Obafemi Martins

Vincent Enyeama

South Korea is also sadly lacking in hotties:

Lee Chung Yong is their Seoul representative. (I heart puns)

But never fear, for as you would expect, Greece is bringing the heat with enough hotties to cover the whole group!

Alexandros Tziolis

Nikos Spiropoulos

Alexandros Tzorvas seems wistful here. Wouldn’t you like to fulfill the promise of those gorgeous eyes?

Stelios Malezas

5 thoughts on “World Cup Hotties: Group B

  1. Jesus! This really, really gets me excited for soccer!! And believe you me, I have yet to really care about soccer (embarrassingly enough)

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