We Wait With Bated Breath

I’m sorry – the National’s game is SOLD OUT???  Did Ted Williams come back from the freezer to don a Nat’s jersey?

Seriously, if you’ve ever been to a Nat’s game, it’s a veritable ghost town – which is fine by me, I hate waiting in line for a beer!

And what may you say is the real cause of DC baseball mania?  None other than a young buck with the most anticipated pitching debut in the game.

It’s a heck of a thing – barely being of drinking age, never stepping foot on a professional pitcher’s mound, and being the name on everyone’s lips.  A year ago Stephen Strasburg was the number one draft pick out of San Diego State, signing with the Nationals for an unheard of four-year, $15.1 million contract with the Nationals (Scott Boras does work!), and the waiting began.

He’s been chilling in the minors, remaining virtually unhittable – going a combined 7-2 with a 1.30 ERA, a WHIP of 0.80 and 65 strikeouts in 55 innings for Double-A Harrisburg and Triple-A Syracuse.

While all the stats are wicked impressive, he hasn’t been squaring off with the likes of Prado, Braun and Rolen, or pitching to sold out crowds.

With a slider that clocks in at speeds of other’s fastballs, and an arsenal of unpredictable pitches – the kid’s got something to watch.

However, he’s got questionable mechanics, which could lead to injuries, or just running out of juice.  If the Nationals keep him to a limited pitch count, like they’ve been doing, they might be on to something big.  But all this comes from a ball club that put up 59–103 record last year, so let’s hope the management changes will keep on making better choices.

The problem with hype – it’s rarely lived up to, but I’m ready to be wowed.  I’m ready for a breath of fresh air in DC sports and the game in general.

We’re ready for the next big thing – while holding off on crowing him the next Koufax just yet.

Countless reporters, players, coaches, scouts, fans – basically anyone who’s seen this guy pitch say he’s the real deal, ready to quench your hype thirst… we wait with bated breath good sir.

1 thought on “We Wait With Bated Breath

  1. I just hope writers don’t start dropping the expression “Strasburg Rules”, because my head just might explode.

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