It’s almost here!


The rosters have been set. The teams have played their friendlies before making the trek to South Africa. Heck, we’ve even made it through Eurovision. (Congratulations, Germany.)

A week from now? It’s finally time. The group stage of the World Cup kicks off, and even America cares about soccer for at least five minutes. Me? I’ll be eating, sleeping and breathing international soccer until the very last second runs down.

Yes, I love soccer, but there’s just something about International play (and the World Cup in particular) that elevates the game. It turns the already rabid soccer fanbase into a bunch of flag-and-bunting-bedecked lunatics. I challenge anyone who doesn’t like or understand soccer to start watching the World Cup from the beginning. Trust me, you’ll come out at the other end swearing at the Abruzzi for being a bunch of diving whiners or being amazed at just how fast Portugal can move (Damn you, Ronaldo. Damn you to hell.) or harboring a secret love for the Orange.

And you know what else is great about the World Cup? International Eye candy. Above? Spain’s Fernando Torres.

More hotness after the jump.

Yoann Gourcuff

France’s Yoann Gourcuff. Also, hot damn.

Marco Boriello

Italy’s own Marco Boriello. Never has a man cleaning himself made me feel this dirty.

Harry Kewell

Australia’s Harry Kewell. And his ink.

Nicklas Bendtner

Denmark’s Nicklas Bendtner.

Carlos Bocanegra

The USA’s Carlos Bocanegra. Yum.

Iker Casillas

Spain’s Iker Casillas. (Look, the Spanish team has a lot of pretty, okay?)

Ahn Jung-Hwan

South Korea’s Ahn Jung-Hwan.


The USA’s Oguchi Onyewu. Hot sweet fancy damn. I am honestly rendered speechless by…okay, everything in that picture, because LOOK AT THAT. WHO WOULDN’T WANT TO LICK ICE CREAM OFF OF ANY ONE OF THOSE MUSCLES? Soccer rules.

So have at it, Ladies. Which bit of international flavor are you most looking forward to seeing?

Oh, and if you can’t watch this without getting excited, then check your pulse. You may be dead.

7 thoughts on “It’s almost here!

  1. You got me. I don’t dig soccer, but that clip was fun. Men in suits playing ping pong, the Queen and Homer Simpson. What is NOT to love?

    • Such is the World Cup, my friend. Seriously, give it a shot. You won’t be sorry. Huge international tournaments like this are the absolute best way to get into the sport. That’s how I got sucked in eight years ago. The hub got into it during Euro 2008, and now we’re MLS season ticket holders.

  2. I cannot wait! Next week I’ll be focusing entirely on World Cup Hotties. The research has been just brutal! :) Fabio Cannavaro is still my fave in the hotness department.

  3. Great site Maggie,keep it up ;)
    Aaah,Fernando Torres…..Cesc Fabregas- dayum
    I keep randomly screaming when I remember how close the WC is or if a WC advert comes on;I can’t wait!
    ‘Soccer is the worlds favorite sport!’-(She’s The Man fans will understand haha)


    I mean he’s like a human action figure goddamn! DEM THIGHS!

    Yeah, I think I’ll check out soccer this year. ;)

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