2010 French Open Digest: Why Yes, That Does Mean New Rafa Pictures

Nothing sadder than an about to be defeated millionaire tennis player in the rain.

I’m back from my brief moving-related hiatus just in time: the French Open wraps up this weekend, and I’d hate to think we missed the chance to bring you new pictures of certain tennis players who may or may not be the favorite to win this event for the fifth time, especially now that Federer is out.

Yes, that’s right: for the first time in six years (that’s 23 consecutive Grand Slams), Federer lost before the semifinal round of a Grand Slam tournament …

You beat the world's best tennis player, you get your picture on the internet. Them's the rules.

…by Robin Soderling.  Soderling is the same person who gave Nadal his first Roland Garros loss during last year’s tournament.  Perhaps that fifth French Open title isn’t a foregone conclusion after all.

Here’s what else has been going on in France (when it has not been raining):

This is Nicholas Almagro.  He’s from Spain, and I find him adorable.  (He lost to Nadal; I’m hoping he’s not one of those Spanish clay court specialists that only does well during the French.)

This is Jurgen Melzer, from Austria.  I don’t think “adorable” is quite the word I’m looking for here.  (Jurgen’s in his first French Open semifinal after upsetting Novak Djokovic.)

Now let’s pause for this stunning photo of Jelena Jankovic:

OK, fine, I’ll stop stalling.  Here’s your double dose of Nadal, Rafa lovers:

I like how the women in the crowd are trying to get a picture, while the men are unimpressed.  Possibly by the lime-green jacket.

Don’t forget to check out NBC’s retroactively amusing press release, in which four of the five “headlining” players — and all of the women singled out by Mary Carillo — have since been eliminated.

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