The NBA Playoffs of Hotness – Semifinals

Apologies on my tardiness – I too was somewhat stuck in the haze that is the holiday weekend. Plus I realized that I might be rushing this a bit, given that Game 1 of the actual finals isn’t even until tomorrow. On that note, I’m going to slow this down a bit and give everyone a much longer chance to cast their votes on the semifinals. Take a look, think hard, and vote away!

Some pretty interesting match ups this time (and don’t worry Raven, looks like your boys are still safe!)  I’ll give everyone until next Wednesday, June 9 at noon to cast your votes before I post the final 2 guys at 2pm.


George Hill vs. Luke Walton
(Bustin’ out the big guns here – shirtless vs. shirtless!)

Rudy Fernandez vs. Dwyane Wade
(The other big guns: the suit. Do you know how hard it is to pick a photo of Wade in a suit? There are SO many, and he looks damn fine in a suit)

Alright, have at it! Don’t forget – next Wednesday June 9 at noon is the cutoff for the semifinals, and the final round will be up at 2!!

(PS – don’t forget to also vote for our NHL Playoffs of Hotness while you’re here, and keep an eye on updates for that as well!)

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