The NHL Playoffs of Hotness: OVERTIME!

Hope you can forgive us for taking an extended holiday weekend (as for the Canadian, my excuse was Monday night soccer for one of my little Bees).

Thanks for all who voted in the first round of our NHL Playoffs of Hotness. Polls are now closed – or at least, they’re supposed to be. Polldaddy wasn’t playing nice earlier. Anyway, we have one wee little problem preventing us from moving on to Round Two.

We have a tie! I can’t say I blame you. I too would have trouble choosing between Kesler and Steckel. Alright, who am I kidding. But it would be wrong of me to cast the tie-breaking vote as I am the author of this post. So we’ll give you one more chance with a fresh poll and additional photos. Poll should close at 8PM Eastern Wednesday.




RYAN KESLER with adorable baby!

Thanks to 2010vanfan for the pic!


Now check out this baby face!


I know you remember this one!

You know what to do!

5 thoughts on “The NHL Playoffs of Hotness: OVERTIME!

  1. I’m a die-hard Caps fan but I gotta go with Kesler. And I can’t blame it on the baby because I voted for him the first time around. XD But dang that baby pic is cute!

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