The 2nd Annual Playoff Beard Awards

Just because this picture is hilarious, I had to include it in this post.

The Stanley Cup Finals are set, and Lord Stanley’s Cup is about to be awarded to either the Chicago Blackhawks or Philadelphia Flyers.  We here at Ladies… are in the mood to award another kind of hardware.  That’s right, it’s time for the 2nd Annual Playoff Beard Awards!

Follow us after the jump to see if your favorite hockey hottie was a big winner or not.

This year, we’re going to mix things up.  New awards have been created, and we hope you enjoy them.

First up…

Best Lumberjack Beard

Patrick Marleau, San Jose Sharks


Patrick is definitely a manly man.  Just look at that beard!  I’m glad he keeps it under wraps during the season because he’s a pretty hunky guy without it.

Best Creepy Twin Beards

Henrik & Daniel Sedin, Vancouver Canucks


These boys could cover a plethora of categories, but “creepy twins” is a good description of them. I was thinking about using them for the “Fire Beard” category, but I found a better (read: hotter) choice.

Best Fire Beard

Brooks Laich, Washington Capitals


Brooks didn’t get out of the first round, but he still managed to grow a nice, red beard.  While not a natural red-head, his beard grows in that color.  That’s kinda hot, and convenient, actually.  I had to manage to sneak a Cap in here somewhere.

Best Scruff Turned Beard

Ryan Kesler, Vancouver Canucks


It’s no secret how much I love Ryan Kesler, so you pretty much figured I would find some award to give him.  Ryan never seems to have a clean shaven face, and I thought he transitioned his scruff to a nice beard for the playoffs. 

Best Playoff Mullet

Patrick Kane, Chicago Blackhawks


Maybe Patrick saw us ripping his non-existent beard last year, or maybe he just realized what everyone else already knew. Patrick Kane cannot grow a beard.  This year Kaner decided to embrace his inner redneck and grow a mullet, instead. 

Best Goalie Beard

Antti Neimi, Chicago Blackhawks


So apparently, Niemi was the only goalie who chose to really grow a beard this postseason.  Michael Leighton’s was so-so.  Evgeni Nabokov and Roberto Luongo didn’t even have one.  So Antti wins this award by default.  I much preferred last year’s winner.

Best Creepy Beard

Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh Penguins


Looks like we have our first repeat offender, I mean winner.  I guess Sid didn’t get our multiple memos last year.  Sid, the beard is CREEPY!!!  Granted it’s not as creepy as last year, but still! Either use some face Rogaine or go beardless.  You seem harmless normally, but that beard/mustache combo just makes you look like a creeper.  Seriously.  It’s gross. 

Alright, so there you have it.  I’m sure there are many great – or gross – beards we missed, so nominate your own player for your own award in the comments!

9 thoughts on “The 2nd Annual Playoff Beard Awards

    • That’s totally a mennonite thing. I don’t know for sure if he is mennonite but with a name like Toews it’s a pretty good bet, since most of them are.

    • I’ve been saying the exact same thing! Every time I see him I’m looking for the hat and suspenders. Still hot, though!

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  2. Buffalita – I totally forgot about Toews’ mutton chops!

    I also thought about including Patrick Kane’s creepy Spencer Pratt beard, but decided the mullet was more fun. And I apologize to any Crosby lover for giving him the creepy beard award for the second year in a row. I just came across a picture of Daniel Briere from the other night, and he has the same exact look going on!! Gross!!

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