Hit and Run: Full of Poop

Yes, the Ladies… have been a bit busy this week. I’m home early for the long weekend so that I can be present while my septic tank gets cleaned out. I can barely watch without stifling a gag, but such is the life of a homeowner in the quasi-sticks. Better than paying property taxes in town, I keep reminding myself.

Brett Favre

Yeah, I'm still not speaking to him.

Let’s kick off H&R in fitting style with this latest crap about Brett Favre. It seems that during a pep talk for the Southern Miss Golden Eagles, he stated that if they could make it back to the College World Series, he’d return for one more season in the NFL.

Oh, I know we’re being mean, hanging this guy out to dry over a rallying speech for a young baseball team and that we should lay off and give him a break. Except this isn’t any guy: it’s Brett Favre, who knows perfectly well every media outlet would be on this story like a bad smell. And you all know how we feel about his shenanigans.

Know what? I hope the Golden Eagles pull a miracle and make it, just so we can add to this fantastic library of postseason 4th quarter highlights.

Sidney Crosby Pittsburgh Penguins

Crosby: not allowed to be tired (AP Photo)

In other news that carried an air of shitty, the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) apologized for calling out Sidney Crosby and other players in that “Saying No To Your Country” article the IIHF released. The article has finally been taken down, but the gist of it was this: being tired is not an excuse for refusing to play for your country. It kind of makes you wonder why any professional player would even want to play in the tournament after that nonsense. And the comparisons of professional hockey players (who have a choice not to compete in the World Championship) to miners and single working mothers were underhanded and unfair. Not to come off as a Crosby apologist, but come on, professional athletes aren’t allowed to be tired? Last time I checked, he wasn’t superhuman. Give the guy a break and rejoice in the fact that a not-nearly-as-popular-or-emotionally-drained player got a chance at a roster spot. Oh wait. That didn’t work out for Canada?

Perhaps the IIHF would be better off focusing their misspent energy on lobbying to improve working conditions for miners or improving support systems and wages for single-parent families. Just a thought.

Curtis Granderson New York Yankees

Hurry up and get back, Curtis! We need you! (AP Photo)

On to baseball, which kicks off interleague play tonight. The schedule includes my slumping Yankees taking on the Mets, who can hopefully be the bran muffin that remedies the sluggish digestive system that is the Bombers.

(What?! Too much?)

Cole Hamels Phillies

Sad Cole. A win against the Sox will make him (and Bee) happy (Getty Images)

Also, it’s Lackey versus Hamels (or Mouthbreather vs. Cuteness) tonight as the Red Sox take on the Phillies. The real drama here is who does Maggiesox cheer for?

Scott Gomez and Brian Gionta Montreal Canadiens

Gomez and Gionta at practice today, hopefully not singing annoying "Olé, olé, olé!" (AP Photo)

Finally, judging from the activity on my Facebook newsfeed, the Canadiens fans have come out of the woodwork because Montreal beat the Flyers last night 5-1. The Habs still trail 2-1 in the Eastern Final, which resumes Saturday (NBC is carrying the afternoon game. Ugh.) Tonight, the Blackhawks try to take a 3-0 series lead on San Jose when the Western Conference Final resumes in Chicago tonight.

Speaking of the NHL, similar to our NBA Playoffs of Hotness we’ll be conducting a similar bracketed competition for the NHL. Hopefully we’ll get to launch it next week. Please include your suggestions and further poop jokes in the comments.

Canadian readers: happy 2-4 weekend!!

One last note: happy trails to 3:10 To Joba. Malheureusement, they have decided to call it a day. I often enjoyed their take on all things baseball and sometimes Yankee. We’re all in this blogging mess together, so this Lady wishes the crew the best.

1 thought on “Hit and Run: Full of Poop

  1. May I recommend Braydon Coburn. Oh and Patrick Marleau. I have lots of others but these ones are way up there.

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